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This review was written by Jonathan Griffiths and last updated on April 17, 2014

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In an age when following Jesus has been reduced by so many to having an experience on Sunday morning or checking a box on a poll, Pastor Jack Hayford calls us back to the formative practices of a disciple in “Living the Spirit-Formed Life.” This practical and inspirational guide isn’t just about doctrinal information. The goal is transformation to the likeness of Christ.

“To learn may bring intellectual knowledge through information; to hear will bring experiential knowledge through transformation,” writes Jack Hayford in Living the Spirit-Formed Life: Growing in the 10 Principles of Spirit-Filled Discipleship.

At 6:30 a.m. every Wednesday morning, a group of men from our church gathers at the local coffee shop to read the Bible, talk over the text and pray for its impact in our lives. This regular gathering began after I taught a class on spiritual disciplines that was heavily influenced by Pastor Jack’s Living the Spirit-Formed Life. That class was taught five years ago, but the fruit continues to be borne.

Pastor Jack does not need any introductions in our faith family. His passion for Jesus and the church is unrelenting. His gift in teaching and pastoring is exemplary. And he has gifted the church with much teaching pertaining to the Holy Spirit, worship, life as a disciple and prayer. Among his more than 50 books, it is easy to have overlooked one. This volume is well worth revisiting.

In an age when following Jesus has been reduced by so many to having an experience on Sunday morning, or checking a box on a poll, or simply liking Christmas and Easter, Pastor Jack calls us back to the formative practices of a disciple.

Likened to the creating of architectural pillars, this book takes the Word of God and gives clear, practical, biblically founded instruction in the areas of baptism, the Lord’s Table, forgiveness, reading the Bible, submission, solitude, worship, prayer, fasting and more. The second part of the book, which focuses on prayer, works through the pathway of the Lord’s Prayer and is especially helpful for guiding new believers into a robust and full life of prayer.

Most chapters begin with a quote from the annals of Christian history followed by a “Principle” and “Practice” section that quickly summarizes the writing that is to follow. This helps to keep the focus not only on learning, but also on implementing the teaching of the Bible so that our lives are changed. The goal isn’t mere information—it is transformation into the likeness of Christ so that we, as His followers, would live in a way that reflects Him to the world and that allows us to have fullness of joy.

This is an excellent resource, written by a seasoned disciple and disciple-maker. Use it for your own edification, and consider it a valuable tool in teaching others the fundamental disciplines of being a follower of Jesus.

Reviewed by: Jonathan Griffiths, lead pastor of Cornerstone Worship Center (Nampa Foursquare Church) in Nampa, Idaho