Traci Espeseth

This review was written by Traci Espeseth and last updated on September 24, 2013

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  • Price: $24.99
  • Publisher:: Thomas Nelson
  • Format:: 1,600 pages, softcover
  • Perfect for:: teens, NextGen leaders, youth groups, youth pastors
Teens often struggle in their devotional lives, because reading a traditional Bible translation can feel too academic and inaccessible. Not so with the brand-new Ignite: The Bible for Teens (NKJV). Making topics and application points accessible and intuitive, the Ignite Bible reads like a “practical toolbox for daily life” and includes tons of extra study helps for teens.

Ignite: The Bible for Teens (NKJV) is specifically designed to engage young people and help make the ancient manuscript easily applicable to the very real struggles and challenges faced by youth today.

Spending time in the Bible outside of church can be an ongoing struggle for us all. In addition to a teen’s busy schedule, this struggle is oftentimes a result of the “academic” and inaccessible feel of a traditional Bible. Teens want real answers for real life, and knowing how to engage with the Bible in a way that meets that longing can be a daunting task.

The Ignite Bible has done a remarkable job of making the topics and application points easily accessible and intuitive, without any of the hype or dumbing down that can often be associated with teen-related resources. This Bible version approaches the teen’s relationship with God with dignity and respect.

The following unique features create an inviting environment that transforms the feel of the Bible from “academia” to a “practical toolbox for daily life”:

  • Book Introductions: Each of the 66 books begins with a summary of the book, when it was written, who wrote it, why it was written, the main focus of the book and where in each book you can find the primary themes.
  • Spotlight: Follow the 100 stories from Genesis to Revelation to read the story of God, His people and how it connects to your daily life.
  • White Hot Topics: Dig into a must-know topic (such as salvation, love, identity) by beginning with a Bible character and expanding to five more readings relevant to that topic.
  • Flashpoints: These resources address common struggles faced in life. Each starts with an article about a person in the Bible who faced or handled that issue, followed by a short reading that applies the Bible passage to daily life.
  • Sparks: Highlights verses that focus on God’s promises.
  • Soul Fuel: Bible verses that are great to memorize.
  • Find It Fast: Bible and topical indexes as well as a dictionary with a topical concordance.

Mark Oestreicher, general editor, brings his experience of a lifetime of ministry to children and youth. He has worked with Youth Specialties, Youth Cartel and also as a part of the leadership team at Zondervan. Collaboration between Mark and a number of youth pastors, Bible editors, and teens and their parents has resulted in a Bible that is both easy to navigate and powerfully applicable to today’s teen.

Reviewed by: Traci Espeseth, assisting minister at Lifepoint (Des Moines Foursquare Church) in Des Moines, Wash.