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“You are the healing presence of Jesus,” Jerry Cook says. “Where you are, people are healthier just because you are there.” In this video recorded at Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Jerry tells those gathered that because of the presence of Christ in their lives, the people they meet may not know why, but they will know their lives are suddenly different.

Jerry Cook is a master communicator, but more than that he offers a distinct prophetic voice from within our Foursquare family about who we are as a specific expression of Jesus Christ to the world today.

He is at once poignant and humorous. In this session recorded live during Foursquare Connection 2013 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., you will find yourself laughing aloud and also breathing a deeply spiritual “aha.”

Drawing from the apostle Paul’s description of the body of Christ from Ephesians 1, Jerry challenges Christians to become the source of healing and wholeness wherever they go.

“Where you are, He is,” Jerry exclaims. “You are the point where miraculous things happen, where wholeness begins.”

He tells the crowd that any situation should be better because you are present—that’s the presence of Jesus bringing wholeness and life.

It’s a stirring message full of hope and passion. You will enjoy sharing this message with your congregation, and especially with your leadership team. Jerry has a unique style of making every person feel as though he or she is involved in a one-on-one discussion.

For people who wonder what the Foursquare Gospel is, Jerry brings the truth of the Bible into the very center: “We are a people who believe in the eminent presence of Jesus. He is here and now.”

Although there are thousands of people in the room, Jerry speaks as though just a few folks are sharing a conversation with him: “Pull up your chairs, and let’s talk,” he tells us.

And when you do, prepare to be made whole.

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