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Pastors and church leaders looking for books, music and more by others in the Foursquare family


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Looking for new books, music or teaching materials from the Foursquare family? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick look at some resources that we learned about in 2017, created by people in our own Foursquare family. Check this page often for updates throughout the year. If you would like to make a recommendation for a fellow Foursquare minister’s new release, just fill out our referral form.

Desperate People Desperate Prayers

Author: Kenneth J. Peltz
Format: paperback / ebook
Available: Amazon

Desperate People Desperate Prayers is not just a collection of prayers from the Old Testament. Kenneth J. Peltz offers context and commentary to bring fresh perspective and display the rich treasury of thoughtful experience that is the Old Testament. Tim Clark, senior pastor of The Church On The Way (Van Nuys Foursquare Church) in Van Nuys, Calif., says: “This book will comfort the troubled and trouble the comfortable. It will bring hope to those who need it, faith to those who are wavering and a peace in the midst of stormy circumstances.”

Identity Keystones

Author: various contributors, edited by Sam Rockwell
Format: ebook
Available: Amazon

In the introduction, Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. writes that this book is “an invitation to become engaged at a new level of conversation that ensures we will continue to practice the Acts 15 model of ‘eldering’ our way into the future.” Edited by Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell, with contributions from pastors, district leaders and global missionaries, the seven chapters cover elements that factor into our unique Foursquare identity. The five keystones, or “domains of expertise,” addressed are Integrated Mission, Women in Senior Leadership, Pentecostal Ethos, Indigenous Empowerment and Moderation/Middle of the Road Policy. The book is under 100 pages, but the content is weighty in every good way.

Jack Hayford Digital Library

Author: Jack Hayford
Format: Website

Pastor Jack Hayford has dedicated his life to equipping disciples, pastors and churches for fruitfulness in Christ. The launch of the new Jack Hayford Digital Library now gives people access to over 500 audio messages, along with full transcripts and summary statements for each message. These resources are organized under 24 foundational concepts that have guided the teaching ministry of Pastor Jack and will help you in your own walk, and as you shepherd others. Foursquare credentialed ministers can contact their district office to get complimentary access to this invaluable collection.

The Speaking God

Author: Denny Stevens
Format: paperback / ebook
Available: Amazon

Foursquare minister Denny Stevens wrote The Speaking God out of his own love of the Word and the enriching experience of reading devotionals written by other Christians. The 366 devotionals are designed to be read in partnership with your daily Bible reading plan, providing another Spirit-filled perspective to help you mine the riches of God’s Word.

Staying Power

Author: Ken L. Roberts
Format: paperback / ebook

Staying Power offers five core ideas on sustainable living as a Christian leader. The book is written in both a pastoral and personal manner, sharing insights from Ken’s own journey of heartache and triumph. Ken has served as a Foursquare pastor, leading New Life Community in Maple Grove, Minn., and now works as a coach, trainer and speaker.

You Are With Us (Live)

Author: Lydia Ingegneri
Label: All About Worship / DCCi Services
Available: iTunes / Google Play / Spotify

Lydia Ingegneri, an ordained Foursquare minister, is worship pastor and co-pastor of Grace North Church (Anthem Foursquare Church) in Phoenix. You Are With Us (Live) is a brand-new worship album with seven brand-new worship songs. Pastors and worship leaders looking for fresh songs of declaration, invitation and exaltation will find much to draw from in this collection. Free chord charts can be found at, and the album can be purchased on CD or from digital retailers.