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This series of video podcasts reports the latest Foursquare news, inspiring testimonials and incredible works happening across the world. Download the episodes for yourself or use segments to show during your church services.

Now you can find out about the latest news, stories and resources with the Foursquare Leader Minute video podcast. Download these short, bite-sized videos to keep connected to the Foursquare family or show segments of them in your church services to inspire your congregation. 

New episodes will be posted here throughout the year, so check the first week of each month or subscribe to the Foursquare Leader Minute in iTunes or Vimeo to be notified of the latest postings.

Looking for international news and stories? Download the latest Foursquare Missions Minute for updates from the missions field and to meet the missionaries who are spreading the Foursquare Gospel around the world.

Available Episodes

February 2010

Download news segment (M4V, 26.5 MB)
Download stories segment
 (MOV, 67.2 MB)
Download resources segment
 (M4V, 20.8 MB)

* The Foursquare Church responds to the crisis in Haiti
* Personal reflections from Aimee Semple McPherson
* Book Review: A Multisite Road Trip

March 2010

Download news segment (MOV, 54 MB)
Download stories segment (MOV, 40.1 MB)
Download  resources segment (MOV, 45 MB)

* Olympic Outreach 2010
* A Foursquare Chaplain's story
Church Turned Inside Out book review

April 2010

Download stories segment (MOV, 37.9 MB)
Download  resources segment
 (MOV, 42.5 MB)

* The story behind the Foursquare presidential candidates
* Album review of Glorious by Paul Baloche

May 2010

Download news segment (MOV, 58.3 MB)
Download stories segment (MOV, 40.7 MB)
Download  resources segment (MOV, 49 MB)

* Foursquare Connection 2010 overview
* The story behind the Foursquare presidential candidates
* Lord Save Us From Your Followers DVD review

July 2010

Download news segment (MOV, 63.5 MB)
Download stories segment
(MOV, 56 MB)
Download  resources segment
(MOV, 40.3 MB)

* Glenn Burris Jr. Named President
* Cross N Dagger ministry reaches bikers
* Book review of The Holy Spirit is Not for Sale

August 2010

Download episode (MOV, 191 MB)

* Outreach is Everybody's Business
* Foursquare missionaries serving in Thailand
* Book review of Dr. Paul Risser's new book, An Eye for Miracles

September 2010

Download episode (M4V, 155 MB)

World Cup player Clay Goodsen, who is also a member of a Foursquare church in Norway
* A new release from worship leader Aaron Keyes
* District Supervisor Jim Scott's new book, Aimee, as well as the new series he wrote on the history of Foursquare reaching out to spanish-speaking people.

October 2010

Download episode (MOV, 45.1 MB)

* Servant Evangelism Impacts Western Oregon
* Peter Hosein's Miracle
* Update on Recent Pakistan Flooding
* From Retirement to Planter
* Book Review: Shepherding Women in Pain

November 2010

Download episode (MOV, 242.5 MB)

* Brand new website serves leaders
* How a North Carolina Foursquare church partnered with Nicaragua
* New FMI Director Jim Scott discusses Foursquare's global focus
* First ever Romanian convention held
* New teaching series by Francis Chan now available
* Review of Daniel Brown's audio book, What the Bible Reveals About Heaven

December 2010

Download episode (M4V, 161 MB)

* Life Pacific College offers new Master's program
* Confronting pastoral burnout
* Refuge school for Sri Lankan children
* DVD review: The Twelve Words of Christmas
* Book Review: Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites