John Cox

This review was written by John Cox and last updated on November 19, 2012

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congregational worship, personal devotional times


  • Price: $14.99
  • Record Label: Integrity Media
  • Format: Dual CD/DVD, MP3
  • Length: 13 songs, 13 videos
Recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding, Calif., and released in October by Integrity Media, “For the Sake of the World” is culturally relevant and emotionally powerful. With a wonderful sound mix, beautiful harmonies and insightful lyrics, the album is a must-listen for worship leaders, and the songs will work well in corporate gatherings.

For the Sake of the World, released in October, was recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding Calif., and is sure to be on the top of the charts quickly. It has all the components of being a great, culturally relevant, worshipful album.

As a pastor, I encourage you to listen to this alone, in a quiet setting, perhaps with only candles lighting the room, to fully experience the emotional impact. For example, approximately three minutes into the second song (“Our Father”), there is a crying out for heaven to come that soars with emotion and brings you right into the music and the moment.

The songs are organic—both in their development and by virtue of the fact that they will grow on you—with a wonderful mix of electronic sounds and beautiful harmonies. I love the different voices represented on various songs, and pastors will enjoy the way their congregations respond to the impact of the insightful lyrics.

“This Is Amazing Grace” is my favorite sonically and lyrically, with words that speak of Jesus’ sacrifice that took our place: “This is amazing grace / This is unfailing love / That You would take my place / That You would bear my cross.” I am so glad He did, and you will be so glad that you listened to this CD.

The included DVD, featuring videos of all the songs, will help pastors encourage their worship teams to try new, creative ways of worshipful expression. As worship teams watch how the Bethel team leads and worships, they may be prompted to explore new aspects of their own styles.

Reviewed by: John Cox, NextGen coordinator for Foursquare’s Pacific Coast and Valleys District