Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

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Believers who wonder about the power of fasting


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Can we be real here? For most of us, our least likely candidate for favorite spiritual discipline is fasting.

Tuff Harris

And that is mostly because we like food. A lot. But what if we got away from the idea of fasting as suffering and received it instead as an act of preparation? What if we saw fasting as getting hungry for a feast that God wants to give us?

Tuff Harris, intern resident pastor of Native American Connections in Billings, Mont., was midway through his NFL career when the Lord prompted him to fast one morning. His obedience began a powerful three-week journey that resulted in vision and courage.

Tuff shared what the Lord showed him during a QuickTalk at Foursquare Connection 2016. Watch the video below and find motivation to set some things aside in order to receive something better.

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