Leslie Kiesel is an assisting minister at Family Worship Center (York Foursquare Church) in York, Pa.

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Worship leaders looking for new songs to introduce to their churches


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  • Length: 11 songs

We can often be tempted to focus on things we must endure in our lives as Christians rather than the opportunities we have to see God bring victory into our lives.

Faithful Forever (Live), from Grace North Church (Anthem Foursquare Church) in Anthem, Ariz., is an encouraging and uplifting collection of music that celebrates all Jesus has done, and challenges us to share this hope with those around us.

“He Reigns” is a driving, upbeat song that proclaims: “The Lord is good / He’s been faithful to me / I will sing of His great love and give glory to my King.” This joyful anthem inspires total participation to sing, clap and shout that our God reigns. It exudes a contagious joy that engulfs those who are listening.

The title song speaks of all Jesus has done, from His sacrifice for our sin to all the times He has brought us peace in the midst of trials. We stand in the knowledge that Jesus was with us in the past, is with us in the present, and will be with us in the future. This declaration builds to a place of confident praise and worship “because we know [He] will always be faithful forever."

“Shine” closes the album with a strong commission for the church to rise and take a stand. In this dying world, we are called to “go out into the world / hold nothing back.” Now is the time, like never before, to be Jesus’ hands and feet as we offer hope, peace, grace and love.

Faithful Forever (Live) is a powerful collection of music that includes different styles and genres, while maintaining strong biblical truth. There is a deep sense of celebrating God’s faithfulness in the past, present and future. Joy comes from knowing that He does not change, and His Word is true.

Musically, the album’s range of driving rock to quiet ballads lends itself to use in corporate worship, as well as acoustic and small group settings of any age. This new offering from Grace North Church is a great resource for the church today.