Jonathan Griffiths is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.

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Pastors serving in areas resistant to the gospel


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Are your days spent scouring the hills for lurking dragons? Do you feel like the Cowardly Lion in the Land of Oz, despairing for a lack of courage?

Yoshiaki Masui, Foursquare national leader of Japan

Follow Jesus for long enough, and you will almost certainly find yourself facing an impossible task. Insurmountable odds and looming obstacles can be disorientating. But there is hope.

“We can boldly take on the future because Jesus is bigger than us!” declared Yoshiaki Masui, Foursquare national leader of Japan, during his QuickTalk at Foursquare Connection 2016.

When called back to the hard ground of Japan, he was wracked with anxiety. A simple prayer and a refocusing of his vision gave him the courage he needed. Hear his story and set your eyes on Jesus.

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