Marion Ingegneri is founding pastor of Grace North Church (Anthem Foursquare Church) in Anthem, Ariz., and oversees campus multiplication.

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Discipleship groups, pastors, church leaders


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  • Format: Five-level in-depth discipleship program

It was July 2007 when I sat down with Pastors Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann to ask them to share Operation: Solid Lives (OSL) with our ministry. Because OSL had not yet been used outside of their church, The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church), it wasn’t ready—but we convinced them that we did not care because we were ready for it.

Operation: Solid Lives (OSL) activates discipleship in a way that changes church culture for the better.

We were desperate to move forward with a more proactive discipleship plan for our growing congregation, Grace North Church  (Anthem Foursquare Church) in Anthem, Ariz. By September 2007, Grace North Church became the first church outside of The Rock to implement the ministry of OSL.

The result of this act of faith to expand the program beyond The Rock is thousands upon thousands of disciples around the globe. For Grace North Church, our entire church culture changed to a fully integrated culture of purposeful discipleship.

OSL is like a wildfire out of control—since summer 2007, our church has tripled in size by the influence of our disciples. That’s because the goal of OSL is not simply to graduate a person from a class; it is an integrated experience that changes the communities we serve because people truly become the ministers.

The OSL curriculum is designed with five levels that build upon one another to create a solid biblical foundation of discipleship. Each level includes powerful audio teachings, daily Bible readings and responsive journaling, Bible memorization and other key disciplines.

Our church has become a resource church, sharing OSL with others in our community and region. An example of this is our sponsorship of a large Assemblies of God church in our region that is now fully engaged with OSL and has joined the army around the globe taking seriously the call to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19, NIV).

It is with great honor that I highly recommend the ministry of OSL. My thanks to Jerry and Kimberly for their kingdom mindset that offers this important ministry to those outside of the walls of their own ministry.

OSL is available as a resource in both English and Spanish. For general information, visit the OSL website. If you’re a pastor interesting in bringing OSL to your church, visit OSL’s partnership page.