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With stories of physical healings, casting out of demons and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Ted Olbrich shares how the next generation is bringing heaven to Earth in Cambodia—and he challenges Foursquare leaders in the United States to do the same. Recorded live at Connection 2012 in Phoenix.

When pig-farming pastor Ted Olbrich moved to Cambodia and founded Foursquare Children of Promise in 1999, he couldn’t anticipate the Spirit-filled passion he would encounter in young believers.

“But God used the practical demonstration of His love through the care of orphans to draw people into the church,” Ted shared at Connection 2012 in Phoenix.

Alongside his stories of thriving Cambodian churches and born-again believers who cast out demons, pray in the Spirit and petition Jesus for physical healings, Ted brings a powerful message to Foursquare leaders in the United States.

The church cannot replace relationship with the Holy Spirit with religion, he asserts. A healthy relationship with the Spirit is the only way to meet the living God and to see His kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven.

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