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The Scriptures have much to say to us about immigrants, the immigrant journey, and our treatment of people created in God’s image.

Daniel Carroll

In this excellent teaching from Foursquare’s Multi-Ethnic Summit in Boulder, Colo., in Dec. 2011, Bible scholar Daniel Carroll challenges us to embrace a biblical perspective regarding immigrants.

This begins by understanding what the Bible has to say, and Carroll believes that some of us err in our cultural perspective. Instead of asking, “What do we do with the ‘problem’ of immigration?” he charges us to think biblically and ask, “In a world where over 220 million people are migrating, what does it mean to be the church?”

He also asks, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” As we revisit the starting point of the basis for discussion, the outcomes and solutions will be different.

This teaching is an enjoyable and challenging journey through God’s Word as we see the theme of immigration woven throughout biblical history. Immigration is not just a national issue. For the church, it is a Christian issue.

Carroll encourages us to remain grounded in remembering our history and to live in obedience to God’s command to love our neighbor. We love the immigrant because He does. When we view the immigrant through the lens of Scripture, everything changes.

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