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Empowering the Next Generation to Fulfill God’s Mission

By Daniel Prieto

Our pastors and Hispanic parents should shoulder our responsibility to raise up our children, kids and youth as ministers and leaders of the kingdom of God, says Daniel Prieto, national Hispanic missional coach for The Foursquare Church. He offers practical suggestions for leading the next generation in our local churches.


Leadership Profiles

Nixing Top-Down Leadership: Cere Muscarella

By Ken Walker

Instead of governing from the top, Senior Pastor Cere Muscarella seeks to create a catalytic environment where people lead out in ministry as the staff supports them. As a result, Life Church (Angleton Foursquare Church) in Angleton, Texas, is reaching hundreds of young people in their city.



Elicia Hutchinson: Healed at a Foursquare Camp

By Elicia Hutchinson

Sixteen-year-old Elicia Hutchinson struggled with physical disability since birth, and she struggled with her faith in God, too. But when she was prayed for at a Foursquare camp, everything changed. She was miraculously and instantaneously healed, boosting her faith and causing her to open her heart to Jesus Christ.


We Are Foursquare

Sent to Family: Foursquare Foster Care Workers

By Jimmy Stewart

Foursquare Credentialed Ministers Norma Perez-Morin and Rosalinda P. Vint both left secular careers so they could make a difference in the lives of foster kids and families. Every day, they reach out to children raised in foster care, from little babies to troubled foster youth who end up in the prison system.



Back-to-School Ministry Tips

By Natalie Werking

Heading back to school can be stressful for young people, as well as their parents and teachers. What can you as a church leader do about it? Lots. Here are some great ideas for helping students, parents and teachers as they prepare for the school bell’s starting ring.



3.5 Non-Negotiables of Student Ministry

By Ryan Brown

Reaching out to young people boils down to a few simple principles that remain constant in the midst of change, shares NextGen Pastor Ryan Brown. These keys are crucial to youth ministry, because, Ryan asserts, if we don’t give young people a place to lead as they are able, the world will.



Foursquare Fall Festivals Reach Many Kids and Communities

By Jessica Sherer

This fall, Foursquare churches across the U.S. are hosting harvest events that bring neighborhoods together for a fun celebration of God’s abundant blessings and introduce people to Jesus. While games and treats abound at these events, the focus is bringing community members together for a time of fellowship, merriment and, most important, experiencing the love of Christ.


We Are Foursquare

No Longer Hopeless and Afraid: Holly Morehead

By Holly Morehead

Holly Morehead grew up in a tumultuous home where she and her sister often had to fend for themselves. In hopelessness, Holly turned to alcohol and drugs. But God had a better plan. Now Holly is going into youth ministry so she can help teens who are lost in life as she had once been.



Back-to-School Outreaches Change Many Young Lives

By Ken Walker

As kids and young people returned to school this fall, Foursquare churches across the U.S. partnered with people in their communities to distribute school supplies, offer tutoring and provide food. Many outreaches to youth are ongoing, giving crucial support to students, families in need and local schools.


We Are Foursquare

Rescued From Gang Life: Agustin Torres

By Agustin Torres

Agustin Torres was thrust into gang life as a fourth grader, desperate for belonging and a means to provide for his struggling family that was absent a stable father figure. He was angry and without hope. But because of the Salem Dream Center in Salem, Ore., Agustin’s life is the polar opposite of what it once was.

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