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Foursquare Legacy

From Shy Girl to Powerful Preacher: Myrtle Eppler

By Myrtle Eppler

When she was a child, Myrtle Eppler was afraid to stand in front of her class at school. But God turned her into a bold preacher who served Him for over 100 years. She shared her inspiring story in this article written after her 100th birthday in 2015, before going to be with the Lord in March 2016.


Foursquare Legacy

Mary Lou Canata: No Regrets

By Mary Lou Canata

At 83, Mary Lou Canata recalls a lifetime of God’s faithfulness through personal challenges, adventurous experiences and celebrated ministry success. Renowned for her ministry of training children’s workers, she believes God has a plan for every person and encourages Foursquare ministers to remember the importance of children to the heart of God.


Foursquare Legacy

My Cross-Country Journey of Faith

By Alice Cauble

It was 1948, and Alice Cauble had just graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College. Together with another female minister in her graduating class, she answered God’s call to plant a Foursquare church in North Carolina. The cross-country trip was a step of faith that would eventually bear significant spiritual fruit.


We Are Foursquare

Former Wiccan Finds Jesus: Brianna Riley

By Brianna Riley

In her teen and young adult years, Brianna Riley was lost in the quagmire of the occult, even becoming a Wiccan high priestess. It ultimately left her disheartened and despondent. But when she cried out for the truth, God made sure she found it. Today she is actively involved with her local Foursquare church in Chesapeake, Va.


Foursquare News

Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

By Foursquare

Female students preparing for ministry leadership are encouraged to apply for the 2016 Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships by May 1. Totaling $8,000, this year’s scholarships will be given to six women planning to attend Life Pacific College, a Foursquare Emerging Leader Network program or LPC-Ignite.



Jon Spellman: Released Leadership to His Wife

By Jon Spellman

When God told Jon Spellman that he needed to hand off his role as senior pastor to his wife, Tina, the couple embarked on a new journey releasing both of them into maximum ministry fruitfulness. “As men,” Jon says, “we have to vocally and publicly endorse and affirm women at every level of leadership when we recognize the call in their lives.”



Isabel Pleites: Healed in Response to Prayer

By Isabel Pleites

When she was a small child, Isabel Pleites developed a painful skin disease that worsened over time, and she had lost all hope. But when she gave her heart to Christ and asked Him to heal her, everything changed. Today, she and her husband are planting a Foursquare church in Southern California, and she encourages others to believe in God’s healing power.


We Are Foursquare

Healed Against All Odds: Deborah Melahouris

By Deborah Melahouris

Deborah Melahouris was given only a one percent chance of survival after suffering a stroke. But God had a different diagnosis in mind. Her co-workers in Foursquare’s central offices in Los Angeles, along with family, friends and pastors around the world, interceded for her healing. Today, Deborah is back at work in her role as assistant corporate secretary for Foursquare.


Foursquare Legacy

How Sister McPherson Inspired Me As a Young Girl

By Winona Helms

When she was a young girl, Winona Helms met the founder of Foursquare. She shares what it was like to be a part of the youth group at Angelus Temple, including being in some of Sister McPherson’s legendary illustrated sermons, and how our movement’s founder influenced her ministry.


We Are Foursquare

Sent to Family: Foursquare Foster Care Workers

By Jimmy Stewart

Foursquare Credentialed Ministers Norma Perez-Morin and Rosalinda P. Vint both left secular careers so they could make a difference in the lives of foster kids and families. Every day, they reach out to children raised in foster care, from little babies to troubled foster youth who end up in the prison system.

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