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Loved and covered

By Ronnie Flores

Pastor Ronnie Flores shares a testimony from a time when he thought he had “blown it,” and how unconditional love changed his outlook. Even when we fail, we are covered and redeemed by the unconditional love of Christ.



Great joy

By Chris White

Pastor Chris White noticed the reaction of the crowds who heard Jesus and the disciples speak: They were filled with joy, awe and life. As leaders, let’s strive to fill those who hear us with joy and allow the Holy Spirit to transform them.



Music in the darkness

By Merrillyn Smith

When we worship God in our darkest moments, miracles can happen. This is evident in the account of Paul and Silas in jail from Acts 16. Pastor Merrillyn Smith shares her testimony of how God fulfills dreams and visions when we praise Him in the darkness.



How to impress

By Pablo Mauricio

Pastor Pablo Mauricio shares personal testimony of a lesson from his parents that reached deep into his heart. With a warning from the Old Testament, he reminds us to be careful what we impress upon our children, which can echo into future generations. We must always be pushing them toward the Lord.



More than enough

By Kalli Davis

Wherever Jesus went, the crowd followed. Pastor Kalli Davis shares how God provides leaders with the tools they need to lead, no matter where they find themselves.



Transformed by Jesus

By Alex Montealegre

Jesus had a plan to energize, motivate and send out His disciples to share the Good News, and He accomplished that through His ascension, through the Holy Spirit and with the power of Pentecost, shares Senior Pastor Alex Montealegre.



Planning the unplanned

By Joseph Fehlen

Our best-laid plans often don’t go as expected. Even though we may try to control our days down to the minute, God has a way of showing up in our unplanned moments, shares Pastor Joseph Fehlen. We must allow Him to direct our steps.



Our first priority

By Ed Stetzer

Author, professor and pastor Ed Stetzer shares an important reminder not to trivialize the Great Commission: turning others toward Jesus Christ. In a cynical age, we must strive for the evangelical fervor of Aimee Semple McPherson, never forsaking our mission.



Praying in the Spirit

By Gabriela Bogea

It’s easy for church leaders to feel anxious and bogged down by the stressors of caring for all God’s children in this world. Assisting Minister Gabriela Bogea reminds us of the importance of speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit.



Spirit ‘sent-ibility’

By Chad Carroll

Only through the Holy Spirit’s prompting can church leaders be brave enough to send our best people into new, uncharted territory to fulfill the Great Commission, and save and disciple others. Pastor Chad Carroll calls this sometimes scary and sacrificial practice “Spirit sent-ibility.”

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