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Breaking Through to What’s Next

By Glenn Burris Jr.

What would happen if instead of reacting in anger, we prayed? If prayer was our first instinct when issues arise? Glenn Burris Jr. examines Paul’s words to Timothy and the importance of prayer for The Foursquare Church to move into what’s next. The Lord can do much when we lift our hands in prayer together as one.


21 Days of Prayer + Fasting

Day 15 – Spiritual Gifts: Healing

By Dan Lucero

Join with the global Foursquare family and follow along in 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting 2018. On Day 15, Dan Lucero, area missionary to West Africa and Francophone nations, shares about the spiritual gift of healing.



Turbulence: How Christ’s Birth Shook Things Up

By Glenn Burris Jr.

We view the birth of Christ through the context of history, but we forget that it marked radical changes to the culture of His time. Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. explores how Christ’s presence continues to rock our world.



The Gospel of the Broken

By Steve Mickel

Pastor Steve Mickel’s life was turned upside-down when the unthinkable happened. But in his resulting brokenness, he found the true meaning of “good news”—that God is found in our most vulnerable, grief-stricken moments. It’s up to us to walk through the shadows and be unafraid to tell others in our hurting world.



In the Spotlight

By Dick Scott

When we read God’s Word with an open heart, He reveals new truths to us by illuminating familiar scriptures in a new way. Foursquare Minister and former president of Life Pacific College Dick Scott, known for his Bible translation work, shares how he discovered a new-to-him facet of God’s great love in the spotlight of His truth.



Sometimes Miracles Hide

By Wayne Cordeiro

Who can say when exactly water turned to wine in John 2? We don’t always see God at work, doing the miraculous. Senior Pastor Wayne Cordeiro shares how miracles can often hide in the day-to-day steps of our obedience, if we will respond and observe.



A Job Well Done

By Steve Cecil

Using an example from his own life, Pastor Steve Cecil reconsiders the Great Commission. He encourages all Christian leaders to think about how Jesus discipled and to hold ourselves accountable for how we model that in our own daily lives. Who are we discipling?



The Liberating Power of Faith

By Doug Beacham

Human history contains much that can teach us about the difference between Christ-led vision and our own human dreams. Doug Beacham. general superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, shares some examples from Reformation Germany to the Russian Revolution.



Commissioned to Disciple

By Jerry Dirmann

How can pastors truly disciple people without losing focus or chasing high attendance numbers and financial rewards? Jesus called leaders to transformative, sacrificial leadership. That transformation is key, and it must begin with leaders, shares Ordained Minister Jerry Dirmann.



Messengers of the Lord

By Luis Milian

As messengers of the Lord, we experience different seasons and stages in our church experience, and we must remain rooted in the integrity of God’s message, rather than flashy technology, multiple campuses or prosperity, in order to spread the gospel message, shares Ordained Minister Luis Milian.

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