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Acts 13: Dealing With the Popularity Dilemma

By Chris Manginelli

Foursquare Pastor Chris Manginelli says we all like to be liked. But that can get in the way sometimes when we have to choose between people liking us and simply doing what the Holy Spirit has called us to do. Chris says there will always be people who dislike us when we follow the Lord’s leading; it’s a dilemma as old as the Bible, and Acts 13 gives us some insight on how it all works.



Acts 12: Becoming an Unstoppable Force for Christ

By Sterling Brackett

Foursquare Chief Operating Officer Sterling Brackett says there was a lot going on in Acts 12. The church was praying, miracles were happening, and God was delivering the church from some of its early enemies. It was an unstoppable force, he says, and is an excellent example of how the church today should be.



Acts 11: Get Up and Go, Church

By Dave Veach

The church is embracing the idea that God has placed people who need Jesus right outside our front doors. Northwest District Supervisor Dave Veach says that Christians are beginning to recognize the call of the Holy Spirit to take the few, and sometimes uncomfortable, steps to reach them.



Acts 10: Embracing Change Below the Surface

By Glenn C. Burris Jr.

Peter and Cornelius both encountered change that challenged everything they understood about life and faith. Foursquare President Glenn C. Burris Jr. says experiencing deep change is something we should all embrace, and he believes our lives, our families and our churches will be stronger if we do.



Acts 9: Staying Flexible—God May Have Another Plan

By Guillermo Puppo

Saul’s trip to Damascus turned out differently than he had planned. And the rest is history. His journey began as a personal vendetta against the gospel of Jesus, but Jesus Himself radically altered that focus. In the process, Saul was radically altered, too!



Acts 8: Reaching People Others Hate

By Jim Scott

Everywhere we look today, God gives us opportunities to minister to “Samaritans” without ever leaving home. They are people different from us, maybe even those we have come to dislike. Foursquare Missions Director Jim Scott thinks it’s time we answer the call of Jesus and “go” reach these “Samaritans.”



Acts 7: Headed to Canaan

By Scott Reece

Before Stephen died as the first martyr of the church, he reminded us how important it is to trust God no matter what. In Stephen’s last sermon, Southeast District Supervisor Scott Reece sees a prophetic word for believers today that will change our outlook and get us moving closer to God’s promise for our lives.



Acts 6: Responding Full of the Spirit and Wisdom

By Jeff Roper

Foursquare Missions Europe Area Missionary Jeff Roper is glad he wasn’t there when the first-century church leaders had to deal with some of the conflicts the people faced. Complaints often mingled with miracles, and it must have been a challenging time. Jeff says Acts 6 offers leaders today important opportunities to reflect on how we react when similar challenges arise in our own ministries.



Acts 5: Never Forget That God Is Awesome

By Kim Cecil

Christians sometimes live as though we can hide the truth about our inner lives from the world. While that may be the case, Foursquare Pastor Kim Cecil thinks Acts 5 provides us an excellent reminder that God sees all and knows all. She encourages us to remember our awesome God and live transparent lives before the world.



Acts 4: Persist When Others Give Up

By George Butron

Ministry today often looks much the same as in the first-century church. Southeast Asia Area Missionary George Butron relates the firsthand account of a leader who persists when others might have given up. He encourages leaders to stand in godly faith no matter how negative our circumstances might be.

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