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Messengers of Hope

By Humberto Paz

We are messengers of hope, spreading the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot force those seeds to take root and bear fruit—only following God’s direction and divine leading can accomplish that, shares Foursquare Missions International Area Missionary Humberto Paz.



The Sweet Spot of Solitude

By John Coleman

Ordained Minister John Coleman helps oversee the Center for Spiritual Renewal East in beautiful Southwest Virginia so that Foursquare pastors and leaders have a place to find their rest and renewal in the Lord. But where does he find his own solitude and rest?



Victory and Restoration

By Pablo Peña

As we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our communities, we must first experience victory and restoration in our own hearts. It’s not something we can accomplish ourselves, but only through Christ, shares Pablo Peña, president of The Foursquare Church in El Salvador.



Are You Stuck?

By David Lanning

Everyone in ministry gets stuck at one time or another, says Ordained Minister David Lanning, who shares personal testimony of a time when he was in a rut in ministry. Thankfully, God’s grace is always available to those who need un-sticking.



The Invisible God

By Juan Muzquiz

When we are obedient and allow the “Invisible God” to lead us, He always provides His answer to our prayers and may even work miracles, shares Ordained Minister Juan Muzquiz, national president of The Foursquare Church in Mexico.



Chasing the Lion

By Mark Batterson

When challenged, do you face your fears or run away from them? Author and pastor Mark Batterson explains the scriptural basis and inspiration for his challenging philosophy on leadership and personal growth, as described in his bestselling book Chase the Lion.



The Optimal Place

By Mario Barahona

While it’s easy to stay comfortable when our ministry is in a good place, as leaders we must resist that temptation and instead press on to the optimal place, where we lead with authority and power, shares Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church Senior Pastor Mario Barahona.



Devotion Deficiency

By Brad Williams

Whose approval matters most? Do critical words from others keep you awake at night? Ordained Minister Brad Williams shares how paying too much attention to critics and depending too much on others’ approval can be two sides of the same coin.



Shake It Off

By Carolyn Clark

For us to become free, God requires an identity change, shares Credentialed Minister Carolyn Clark. Carolyn shares about a time in ministry when she saw that need firsthand, and challenges us to embrace the loss of that old identity to become a new creation in Christ.



Pray for the Sick

By Dave Stone

As Spirit-filled leaders, we all have a commission to pray for the sick. FMI Area Missionary Dave Stone shares his personal journey through illness and health, and how glorifying God means a greater commitment to pray for our sick brothers and sisters in Christ.

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