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Broke and Scared: Is God Ever Going to Show Up for Me?

By Greg Dueker

What do you do when it seems like God hasn’t been paying attention to what you’re going through? One faithful believer asks that question, following an intensely difficult year where the economy personally tanked his income. So far, God hasn’t come through for him, or so it seems. Where is He? Greg Dueker, an ordained Foursquare minister, addresses this tough issue with grace and practicality.



Miracle Stories: Financial Provision (Part 1)

By Dr. Paul Risser

In a three-part series adapted from his new book, “An Eye for Miracles,” published by Foursquare Media, Paul Risser shares accounts of modern-day wonders that will inspire your faith.


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God Can Be Trusted: Donny Souza

By Donny Souza

Donny and Heather Souza from Modesto Foursquare Church in California have been through some tough stuff in recent years, including a job loss and a rare illness. But through it all, they have discovered God's care and faithfulness.


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A Place to Call Home: Steve and Jade Staley

By Steve and Jade Staley

Steve and Jade Staley say they have grown tremendously since joining Life Bridge in Fort Wayne, Ind., and they hope to impact others just as they have been impacted.