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Missionary Spotlight: Mike and Bee Arter

By Amy Swanson

Mike and Bee Arter serve as Foursquare missionaries to Mae Sot, Thailand, a predominately Buddhist nation known for its beauty and friendliness but also for high rates of human trafficking and youth looking for answers in all the wrong places. The Arters are creatively reaching people and say there are many ways we from the U.S. can help the ministry there.



Missionary Spotlight: Andy and Christina Opie

By Amy Swanson

Thailand is predominately a Buddhist nation, and less than 1 percent of its 66 million inhabitants are Christian. But living in Bangkok, the capital city, Foursquare Missionaries Andy and Christina Opie are seeing doors open to the gospel. They have planted one Foursquare church in Bangkok, and are getting ready to launch another, in Phuket.



A Child Shall Lead Them

By Rod Light

Foursquare Missionaries Gary and Paula Hays say no Christian missions organization has been successful planting a ministry in Chiang Phang, Thailand—until now. Missionaries have always believed they had to reach the adults first in order to see the village come to Christ. But God gave Gary and Paula a different idea: start with the children.


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International Updates (Summer 2011)

By The Foursquare Church

Whether it’s responding to the earthquake in New Zealand, the flooding in Colombia, or teaching children in Africa, Foursquare missionaries are making a real difference around the world. Read brief updates from 16 missionaries to see how you can better pray for those serving around the world.



A Reason to Smile: Thailand Report

By Bill Shepson

There are great needs in Thailand, which is often called the Land of Smiles but is also known for its human trafficking and spiritual darkness. But Foursquare missionaries in the trenches are watching God do some amazing things and seeing people experience freedom, both physically and spiritually.