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On Fire for God: Ryan Rowe

By Ryan Rowe

Ryan Rowe, a worship leader at Restoration Church in Madison, Ala., shares how God rescued him from a life of drinking and partying, and led him to a life of fulfillment and ministry.



Humans for Sale

By Ken Walker

He fled from Vietnam as a child, alone and scared, fighting for his life as a refugee. She was sold into slavery as a 7-year-old girl, her life becoming a living nightmare. Both barely survived. But now, together, Trong and Rani Hong are shining a light into one of the darkest issues of our time.


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Answering God’s Call: Luana Lumley

By Marcia Graham

Raised on the Yakama Indian Reservation and blessed with the gift of music, Luana Lumley found her calling in ministry among Native Americans.


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Finding the Lighthouse: Pam Heidzig

By Pam Heidzig

When Pam Heidzig saw God’s love through her friend, a Foursquare pastor’s wife, she couldn’t shake it off.


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Experiencing Joy: Karen Butler

By Karen Butler

Karen Butler came to Joy of Life unaware of the power of Holy Spirit. Now she partners with the Spirit’s power to lead prayer groups at her Phoenix-based church.


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Finding God’s Love: Kimberly Sedlak

By Kimberly Sedlak

When Kimberly Sediak came clean God did something very special in her life—he still loved her.

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