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In the Wake of the Storm

By Ted Vail

When a storm hits, whether it’s literal like Hurricane Harvey, or some other jolting life event such as sickness or job loss, we need God’s wisdom, divine power and direction like never before, shares Ted Vail, Foursquare’s vice president of global operations and director of Foursquare Missions International.



Foursquare Family On Mission

By Ted Vail

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Director Ted Vail shares how God has uniquely positioned the Foursquare family to share the gospel together. What puts FMI in such an exciting place now, he says, is that we have a global force of national leaders and workers.



Creating a Globally Minded Catalytic Culture

By Ted Vail

How can your church create a globally catalytic culture that reaches far beyond your walls, neighborhood and even country? Foursquare Missions International Director Ted Vail shares practical ideas for creating a culture in your church that will reach the world.


Foursquare News

FMI Announces Leadership Transition

By Andy Butcher

In what President Glenn Burris Jr. calls a “creative and forward-thinking direction,” Ted Vail and Jim Scott will be switching their Foursquare Missions International (FMI) roles in September. Ted will become vice president of global operations for Foursquare U.S. and director of FMI, with Jim taking on the responsibilities of associate director.