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Donating E-Readers Helps Foursquare Pastors Overseas

By Ken Walker

A team from Life Pacific College recently delivered e-readers to pastors in a remote region of Kenya. The devices are making a huge difference for them, and Life hopes more people in the U.S. will donate their used devices for future distributions.


Your Questions

How Do I Monitor My Teen’s Online Life?

By Kelly Fellows

Finding out your teen has posted inappropriate comments or photos online is every parent’s nightmare. How do you monitor technology use without betraying your child’s trust? Kelly Fellows, an ordained Foursquare minister who formerly served as national NextGen representative, gives timely advice to panicked parents.


Foursquare Legacy

Sister Aimee’s Astounding Radio Impact

By Ralph L. Power

Radio was a fairly new phenomenon when Aimee Semple McPherson launched Foursquare’s station, KFSG, in February 1924. And as this excerpt from a January 1925 article in “Radio in the Home” magazine reveals, her visionary use of the new media had a huge impact.


Foursquare News

New Foursquare Church Locator Connects People to Pastors

By Rod Light

When a visitor searches for a local congregation, they will now find an address, a printable map, directions, the church phone number and the pastor’s name. It’s a simple but highly effective way to connect visitors with our churches through


Foursquare News

Spanish TV Network Makes Deal With Anaheim Church

By Bill Shepson

Almavision Hispanic Christian Network is now airing nightly programming by The Rock in Anaheim, Calif. The church funds the costs of producing its shows in Spanish, and the network is providing free airtime. It’s an exciting new part of the church’s vision to reach the people in their community and beyond.


Your Questions

To Game or not to Game?

By Marion Ingegneri

Foursquare Pastor Marion Ingegneri addresses a mom’s concerns about her children’s video games. She bought the system so the family would have more time together, but the opposite is happening, and she’s worried about some of the games her kids are playing alone. Should she just nix the system?



Sabbath Song

By Mike McGovern

Isn’t technology supposed to make life easier and help us accomplish more in less time? In life, it seems we get very little time for rest, yet the Scriptures call for us to find rest in the Sabbath.



Beyond Facebook

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Social media and technology enhance our community and sense of family, but we still need more.