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Faith Through the Storms

By Justice Coleman

When the storms of life rage, we, like the disciples, may lose sight of the Lord’s leading and provision. Foursquare Credentialed Minister Justice Coleman reminds us that God has confidence in us and that He has already saved us.


Central Office Updates

Important Reimagine Discussions at Connection 2014

By Glenn Burris Jr.

At Foursquare Connection 2014, fast approaching in May, we will be unpacking Five Stakes, or Five Points of Alignment, to help us as a movement better fulfill the Great Commission. President Glenn Burris Jr. encourages leaders to attend this year’s convention to be a part of these crucial discussions or watch the sessions online.



Love Your City

By Matt Kladnik

Loving your city means “representing the proactive and persistent heart of God for lost people,” says Foursquare Pastor Matt Kladnik. In this week’s devotional, he offers some practical ways to love and serve the communities and cities where God has placed us.


Central Office Updates

Foursquare Cabinet 2014 Inspiring and Informative

By Tim May

Pastor Tim May offers this summary of the recent Foursquare cabinet meetings in California. The Reimagine Foursquare presentations made were compelling, and evidenced thoughtful research and collaboration. Though the discussions represent many points of refinement for Foursquare, all are designed to assist local churches in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Leadership Profiles

Living an Abundant Life: Tim and Tamara Golden

By Ken Walker

When the church they planted folded, that didn’t mean Tim and Tamara’s ministry was over. Quite the opposite—now, as assisting ministers of Life Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Charlestown, N.H., the couple has launched a ministry to help others live an abundant life in body, soul and spirit. They also plan to host pastoral retreats for leaders who need ministry themselves.



The ‘Great Reversal’ of Church Multiplication

By Matt Temple

The guidelines set out in Scripture for growing healthy churches can seem counterintuitive, but God requires us to fully rely on Him and follow His principles for growing strong leaders when it comes to multiplication, shares Foursquare Pastor Matt Temple.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Expands Despite Persecution in Myanmar

By Andy Butcher

Although the government in the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar is allowing greater religious freedom, grassroots opposition to Christianity has resulted in physical violence, arrests and widespread fear. But even in the face of persecution, Foursquare leaders express excitement about what God is doing.



Jesus, and Nothing Else

By Phil Manginelli

When Foursquare Credentialed Minister Phil Manginelli and his family stepped out in faith to follow God’s call and move to Atlanta, they focused on two things only: loving their city, and the gospel of Jesus—and God continues to bless their ministry.


Foursquare News

President Burris Up for Second-Term Ratification in Dallas

By The Foursquare Church

The Foursquare cabinet, which recently met in in Glendale, Calif., determined that the Foursquare Connection 2014 convention body vote on the ratification of President Glenn Burris Jr. Corporate Secretary Sterling Brackett states that this presidential selection process will be the first to include voting by absentee ballot.



Multiplication Begins With Making Disciples

By Bill Gross

Bill Gross, missional coach for the National Church Office, tells the story of Cornelius, a Roman centurion and unlikely disciple of Christ who helped grow the early church. Bill reminds us that it is important not to discount our witness to people around us, even if they seem unlikely converts. Church growth and multiplication begins with such discipleship.

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