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Foursquare reaches refugees and international students

By Susan Olp

The Refugees and International Student Ministry Conference convened in April near Atlanta to discuss how pastors and churches can better help refugees and international students who have come to the U.S. Foursquare’s Refugee Care Network and International Student Outreach Network are planning other events in other U.S. regions.



How a Thanksgiving Outreach Can Touch Lives Around the World

By Elana Kaimimoku

By hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for international students living in their area, The Rock (Anaheim Foursquare Church) in Southern California discovered a great way to make connections with young adults and help them find Christ—and then take Him back home to their own nations.


We Are Foursquare

Helping College Students Find Christ: Larry DeWerd

By Larry DeWerd

Larry DeWerd is a Foursquare credentialed minister who has been highly honored in the field of medical physics. As a professor, he has mentored countless students and helped them find Jesus Christ. He shares insight on how to reach people outside church walls who are searching for truth.



Reach the World From Home This Thanksgiving

By Louie D. Locke

Louie D. Locke, senior pastor of Hillside (Reno Foursquare Church) in Reno, Nev., shares his family’s journey of taking in an international exchange student from China and making him feel at home. This inspiring story reveals how we can reach the world for Christ right here at home.



Reach the World This Thanksgiving

By Foursquare

One of the most effective outreaches your church could ever do this Thanksgiving can be done right from members’ homes, by inviting foreign exchange college students over for a holiday meal. Members from El Monte Valley Community Foursquare Church in Southern California share how being hospitable opens doors for showing the love of Christ.


We Are Foursquare

Sent to Public Education: Windy Veach

By Rachel Chimits

With a lifelong passion to teach children and work within the public education system, Windy Veach knows that God has placed her right where He needs her the most. As a second grade teacher for a low-income public school, she finds ways to minister to others in a similar teaching role.


Foursquare News

Five Young Foursquare Women Awarded Scholarships

By Anabel Muñoz

The Foursquare Church has awarded five Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships for 2015 to young women pursuing ministry training through Foursquare’s Life Pacific College, Ignite-Life Pacific College and Emerging Leader Network.


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New Degrees Announced, Enrollment Up, at Life Pacific College

By Rod Light

As a new school year starts at Life Pacific College, students have more reasons than ever to dream big about the future as they prepare for ministry. The college has announced new degrees soon to be offered and reports increased enrollment. Students will be able to earn new degrees with majors in human development/psychology (2014), business administration (2014) and worship arts/media (2015).


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Seven Students Given 2013 Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships

By Rod Light

The Foursquare Church has a long-held value of equipping female and male leaders representing all ethnicities and generations. The Alabaster House Legacy Scholarships continue that tradition, and this year awarded scholarships to seven female students to help them continue their pre-service preparation for ministry.


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Life Pacific College Offers New Degree Concentrations

By Rod Light

Life Pacific College is offering five new degree concentrations from which students may choose as they complete their Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biblical Studies or Transformational Ministry. Academic Dean Michael Salmeier, Ph.D., says these concentrations will help students focus their academic attention on developing knowledge and skills in particular areas of ministry service.

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