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Ministry Burnout (Part 1): Examining the Threat

By Bill Shepson

In a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, we take a close look at the growing problem of pastoral burnout. Dissecting the statistics and exploring the topic with leaders in our denomination, we’ll examine its signs, how to heal from it, and how to prevent it in the first place.


Your Questions

Busying Myself to Death

By Dennis W. Easter

Portland Foursquare Church Pastor Dennis Easter offers practical advice for dealing with stress and burnout by answering a question about living a busy lifestyle.



Sabbath Song

By Mike McGovern

Isn’t technology supposed to make life easier and help us accomplish more in less time? In life, it seems we get very little time for rest, yet the Scriptures call for us to find rest in the Sabbath.



Man on a Mission

By Jonathan Hall

Like the Careys, some things you may experience this week might not make sense. Financial lack, family tensions, a sick family member—the stress and weight might seem to be too much.



A Serious Wake-Up Call

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Following a serious medical emergency that required him to be rushed to the hospital, General Supervisor Glenn Burris Jr. reflects on stress and how to cope with it.



Post Traumatic Stress

By Glenn Burris Jr.

General Supervisor Glenn Burris Jr. reflects on the condition knows as post traumatic stress disorder, what the term means and how we are being conditioned by life’s experiences.

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