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Penetrating the Darkness

By Leslie Keegel

As national leader of The Foursquare Church in Sri Lanka, Leslie Keegel has overcome demons, witchcraft and other occult principalities through the power of the Holy Spirit. Leslie shares some powerful testimony of his 40-plus years of church-planting ministry there.


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Foursquare Giving Helps Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

By Andy Butcher

More than one million people had to flee their homes after flooding in Sri Lanka in December, and approximately 40 lives were lost. Damage was widespread, and many lost their dwellings, properties and ability to earn farming income. But Foursquare Disaster Relief has helped hundreds of families work toward recovery, thanks to Foursquare members’ generosity.


Central Office Updates

Prayer Urgently Needed for Sri Lanka Churches

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Religious tensions have been rising in Sri Lanka, threatening Christian churches. A policy for religious groups to get prior approval for operating is being unfairly enforced, according to reports, resulting in unrest and even the destruction of property. Evangelical leaders have met to discuss how best to respond. Prayer is requested for our Foursquare brothers and sisters in the country.


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Leaders Discuss Future of Foursquare Worldwide at Global Summit

By Rod Light

The mission of The Foursquare Church around the world was the focus of the Foursquare Global Summit in Phoenix, held June 1–3 following Connection 2012. Foursquare national leaders from 65 countries joined with U.S. leaders and invited guests to identify components of effective worldwide evangelism and church development.


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Refuge School: Reaching ‘Cursed’ Children

By Rod Light

Schools won’t enroll them, and parents don’t know how to raise them. Medical personnel are too busy to provide preventative treatment, and private treatment is too far away and too expensive. But Foursquare Sri Lanka is reaching these discarded children with the love of Jesus Christ and providing the help their families need to survive.



Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

By Jonathan Hall

FMI Director Jonathan Hall relays the story of a family in Sri Lanka whose traumatic experience serves as a reminder that there is a lot of loss and hurt in the world and that we are called to be a part of the healing.