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Stepping Up to Serve Others: La’Tisha Hensel

By La’Tisha Hensel

La’Tisha Hensel and her family are Life Pacific College grads and members of River Christian Fellowship in Raytown, Mo. She and her husband, Timothy, have two sons and one daughter, Brynnlie, who was born with Down syndrome. They formed a team for the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk to raise funds and awareness—just one of many ways this family serves their community.


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Hope Despite Broken Dreams: Kristen Richburg

By Kristen Richburg

When Kristen Richburg adopted a little girl from Thailand, it seemed to be a dream come true. Soon after, however, the dream turned into a nightmare. Kristen was forced to relinquish her adopted daughter and was thrust into a pit of guilt and grief. Here she candidly shares her story of healing in the face of overwhelming loss.



The Power of One: Mary Bennett

By The Foursquare Church

After graduating from Bible college, Mary Bennett quit her executive job and returned to her poverty-stricken birthplace to minister to children no one else would love. She has spent her life caring for these children as Jesus would. She says God has always provided everything she and the children have needed, just as He promised her 20 years before.


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Refuge School: Reaching ‘Cursed’ Children

By Rod Light

Schools won’t enroll them, and parents don’t know how to raise them. Medical personnel are too busy to provide preventative treatment, and private treatment is too far away and too expensive. But Foursquare Sri Lanka is reaching these discarded children with the love of Jesus Christ and providing the help their families need to survive.