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Leadership Profiles

Foursquare Leaders Bring Education Internationally

By Andy Butcher

With a desire to train people for ministry in today’s world, two Foursquare pastors—Pablo Peña and Enrique Zone—are serving the Lord and building His kingdom by working in different educational fields.



Making Prayer a Priority

By Eduardo Bogéa

Seeking God “in the secret place” should be our priority as believers, shares Ordained Minister Eduardo Bogéa. He provides a bevy of examples from Scripture of those who prayed with passion, to encourage leaders to continually stoke that connection with Almighty God with fervent prayer.



The Promise of His Return

By Raymundo Diaz

How blessed are we, as children of God, that the Lord always fulfills His promises to us? Ordained Minister Raymundo Diaz presents a comforting picture of God’s long-suffering patience with us, and His imminent return.



When My Plans Don’t Work Out

By Fernando Castillo

No matter how well intended our plans are, God’s purpose will prevail, which can be a great comfort, as He knows the plans He has for us. Pacific Southwest District Supervisor Fernando Castillo shares what often happens when his own plans don’t work out.



Building Spiritual Muscles

By Serafin Contreras

Retired Foursquare Missionary Serafin Contreras shares different perspectives on, and definitions of, temptation, and how, like working out at the gym, exercising our ability to say no can build and develop our spiritual muscles.



Be Light!

By Samuel Rodriguez

We live in dark times, and sometimes the church hinders itself from sharing the gospel of Christ. But we as Christians should stand empowered to be light in the darkness of our troubled world, shares Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.


Central Office Updates

Reimagine Foursquare Update: Stake 3

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Since Foursquare Connection in Dallas earlier this year, significant progress is being made on Foursquare’s Five Stakes, shares President Glenn Burris Jr. In this communication to Foursquare pastors, he shares some important updates about actions being taken in Stake 3: Align 100 percent of the tithe to the field (local and district).



Foursquare’s Hispanic Movement Gains Altitude

By Juan Vallejo and Andy Butcher

Once relegated to meeting in basement Sunday school rooms, Hispanic churches are now taking the limelight. One out of eight Foursquare churches considers themselves to be Hispanic, and that number is on the rise, proving it is a new day for Foursquare’s Hispanic movement.



Cultivating and Building Unity

By Daniel Prieto

Valuing diversity in our ministry teams means that we unite spiritually as brothers and sisters in Christ, loving and respecting one another, shares Foursquare National Hispanic Missional Coach Daniel Prieto. We will always be different, but we can love, respect and value one another, which will empower all of us to be and do our best.


Foursquare News

Juan M. Vallejo Appointed Supervisor of New Hispanic District

By Foursquare

Juan M. Vallejo, a longtime Foursquare pastor and former missionary, has been appointed to serve as district supervisor of the new Distrito Hispano del Suroeste (Southwestern Hispanic District). The new district, the official name of which is still to be chosen, comes into effect Jan. 1, 2015. Juan will be installed in his new role at the Southwest Region Hispanic Conference to be held Oct. 24–25 in Van Nuys, Calif.

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