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Foursquare Legacy

Being Willing to Do Anything to Reach People for Christ

By Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson was only 12 when his missionary father made a radical decision to reach an indigenous tribe in Bolivia—he left Jack and his brother with the tribe to gain the chief’s trust as he went to get farming supplies so their family could help the dying tribe survive. Jack, who became a longtime Foursquare missionary, recalls how God used his family to reach the Siriono Indians.


Disaster Relief

Foursquare Churches in Ecuador Need Help After Massive Quake

By Andy Butcher

Ecuador’s huge earthquake on April 16 left massive devastation, including damage to Foursquare churches. Foursquare leaders in the nation are asking for our prayer and support as Foursquare Disaster Relief strategizes the best ways to provide help.



Missionary Spotlight: Lee and Lisa Schnabel

By Ken Walker

Lee and Lisa Schnabel serve Foursquare Missions International in Chile, where they’re seeing some exciting things happen, including the planting of new churches and increased leadership development among pastors. In 2012 alone, 10 new churches were planted in the nation, and 1,470 people made first-time decisions for Christ.


Foursquare News

How Your Foursquare Church Can Help Eradicate Malaria

By Andy Butcher

The Foursquare Church is joining forces with other denominations that are part of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) to raise money to fight malaria, a devastating disease that kills 1 million people annually but that could be wiped out in just a few years, experts say, if enough new cases are prevented.


Foursquare News

Serafin and Alva Contreras: Simply Shifting Gears

By Rod Light

There will be no lazy days for Serafin and Alva Contreras when they officially retire in January 2012. Following 42 years of fruitful service, the area missionaries plan to be as active in ministry as ever. They’re simply changing gears—a change orchestrated by God for this faithful couple who have influenced millions of people throughout Latin America for Jesus Christ.


Central Office Updates

A King and Kingdom of Power

By Jim Scott

Why does it seem that more miracles occur overseas than in the U.S.? Jim Scott, director of Foursquare Missions International, suggests it has something to do with possessing a settled commitment to experience the power of God personally. He notes that supernatural outpourings in other countries have been the result of an intentional pursuit of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and ministry training.



Area Report: South America

By Bill Shepson

God is using The Foursquare Church in powerful ways throughout South America, as evidenced by over 753,000 decisions for Christ in 2009 alone.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Argentina Elects New President

By Bill Shepson

On March 26, 2010, denominational leaders in Argentina chose 37-year-old Sergio Caceres to serve as the movement’s new president for a four-year term.