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One Simple Idea Can Change Everything: Blythe Hill

By Blythe Hill

When Foursquare church member Blythe Hill came up with a fun idea one day, she didn’t realize it would be the beginning of a movement that would strive to right the wrongs of human trafficking. Last year alone, her Dressember organization raised more than $465,000 to help women around the world find freedom from slavery’s bonds.


Foursquare News

How Your Foursquare Church Can Help Eradicate Malaria

By Andy Butcher

The Foursquare Church is joining forces with other denominations that are part of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) to raise money to fight malaria, a devastating disease that kills 1 million people annually but that could be wiped out in just a few years, experts say, if enough new cases are prevented.



Finding Drinking Water and the Living Water in Malawi

By Allyson Siwajian

This past summer, a short-term missions team from The Breakwater (Redondo Beach Foursquare Church) in Southern California traveled to Malawi, Africa. There they partnered with local church members to preach the gospel and provide solutions to the endemic water crisis. Pastor Kurt Dahlin shares the mandate to go into all the nations, describes the needs of rural churches, and gives updates on Foursquare-established water wells.


Leadership Profiles

A Catalyst for Emerging Leaders: Aaron Bull

By Bill Shepson

Aaron Bull became senior pastor of Westminster Foursquare Church four years ago. Since then, the church’s Catalyst School of Ministry—part of the Foursquare Emerging Leader Network (ELN)—has drawn many young people and trained them for ministry. The church also offers a host of ministries that give people an opportunity to grow in their faith and serve others.



12 Ways to Get Out of Your Church and Into Your Community

By Jimmy Stewart

Living in a cloistered Christian community will ultimately fail to inspire you to go deeper—spiritually or socially. You can live in the world without being of the world—but you do need to affect the world. If it’s your goal for your church to build relationships with people who don’t look, act, dress or talk like you, these 12 ideas can get you started.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Responds to Unrest in Mali

By Dan L.

When a coup d’état occurred in Mali in March, thousands fled their homes to escape the violence. The Foursquare Church is currently completing the first floor of a 4,000-square-foot health center in Bamako to help those who are starving and in need of medical care—a project unlike anything the citizens in that area have ever seen before.



Foursquare in Government

By Andy Butcher

Election Day is fast approaching, the negative ads and rhetoric increasing exponentially. But amid the hubbub, these three Foursquare church members are making a difference in the governmental sphere every day. One is a magistrate judge, one a senator, the other a chairman of a town board. They all agree that God wants us to make a difference in the world around us.


Foursquare News

Accelerate: Welcome

By Ashley Wolpert Miller

In Part 3 of the “Accelerate: Story” video series, men of different ethnicities—with different titles and roles in The Foursquare Church—affirm that we must actively welcome one another and create space for cultural differences and people of all ethnic backgrounds. “Accelerate: Welcome” challenges leaders and draws us back to the center of the Great Commission.


Leadership Profiles

With Hope and a Smile: Rosalinda P. Vint

By Bill Shepson

Rosalinda P. Vint, assisting minister at LightHouse Church in Newbury Park, Calif., has dedicated her life to helping troubled youth who are transitioning out of foster care or the prison system and desperately need hope and healing. Having been a foster child who suffered much abuse, she founded a non-profit community service organization that reaches at-risk young people.



When the Wicked Fall

By Tim Clark

When Osama bin Laden was found and killed on May 1, it raised a quandary among some believers. What should our attitude be when something like this happens? Foursquare Pastor Tim Clark offers a balanced and biblical response.

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