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Lucas Telford Works Outside Church Walls to Reach People

By Andy Butcher

Lucas Telford appreciates the sense of community he draws from being part of a movement that embraces new expressions of church. His church, Center for Living in Christ (Oshkosh 2 Foursquare Church)—whose CLIC acronym Lucas says aims to repurpose the word “clique”—ministers from two shared homes in Oshkosh, Wis.



Unique Foursquare Ministries Make a Big Difference

By Ken Walker

When people visit these three Foursquare churches, they don’t enter traditional sanctuaries—they visit the beach, a skateboard outlet, a coffeehouse or a home. See how people are coming to Christ and how lives are being changed in three very different communities through innovative Foursquare churches that are following specific missional calls.


Leadership Profiles

A Simple Church With a Big Vision: Donald Noonan

By Amy Swanson

Donald Noonan started The Philadelphia Gathering, a Foursquare simple church network in Pennsylvania, to reach out to people who are unchurched and those who are wary of anything with the “church” label attached. His house church network seeks to attract people who are disconnected from the traditional church—people who want to follow Jesus but perhaps have lost their way.



New Approaches for a New Year

By Tammy Dunahoo and Rod Koop

What is a Simple Church? Tammy Dunahoo and Rod Koop look at the term from the Foursquare perspective as means to help understand what these churches do and how they impact The Foursquare Church as a movement.



The Missional Church: Reaching Your Community (Part 4)

By Bill Shepson

“Being missional is as easy as seeing a need in your community and doing something about it,” says John Wiley, pastor of The River Christian Fellowship in Raytown, Mo. In a four-part series, we take a close look at what being missional means for The Foursquare Church and how various congregations are impacting the world around them.


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Simple Churches Endorsed

By Bill Shepson

Registration of simple churches and the tracking of their ministry activities are now in full swing, following the official resolution by the board of directors in October to fully support the simple church movement.


Foursquare News

Statistics on Simple Churches in the U.S. Vary, Research Reveals

By Bill Shepson

How many people in the U.S. attend a house church? According to a new Barna report, it depends on how researchers ask the question.


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Americans Open to Experiencing God Outside of Church

By Marcia Graham

While more than half of Americans seem to be flexible on what church they attend, others are plugging into a new way to do church.