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Healing From Porn Addiction

By Andy Butcher

James Craft’s porn addiction almost killed his marriage and ministry. But now he and his wife, Teri, help other couples find the healing that they experienced after choosing to face their difficulties head-on. They encourage other leaders who are struggling to come out of the shadows and find wholeness in the light.


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You Can’t Hide From God’s Grace: Jim Pattison

By Jim Pattison

Jim Pattison gave his life to Christ at age 7. But after 34 years of being a Christian, he rejected God and indulged in a lifestyle of sexual depravity, losing his family and career in the process. Now a member of Grace Chapel, a Foursquare church in Springfield, Mo., Jim is a great example of God’s restorative grace.



Humans for Sale

By Ken Walker

He fled from Vietnam as a child, alone and scared, fighting for his life as a refugee. She was sold into slavery as a 7-year-old girl, her life becoming a living nightmare. Both barely survived. But now, together, Trong and Rani Hong are shining a light into one of the darkest issues of our time.