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Disaster Relief

You helped these people stay alive through Project Nourish

By Ken Walker

Thousands of people in Central and East Africa suffering from severe famine are alive and have accepted Christ thanks to the generosity of Foursquare churches and members in partnership with Foursquare Disaster Relief. But with millions still suffering, there is much work to be done.


Foursquare News

Foursquare reaches refugees and international students

By Susan Olp

The Refugees and International Student Ministry Conference convened in April near Atlanta to discuss how pastors and churches can better help refugees and international students who have come to the U.S. Foursquare’s Refugee Care Network and International Student Outreach Network are planning other events in other U.S. regions.


Disaster Relief

How Project Nourish Is Saving Lives in Africa Starvation Crisis

By Ken Walker

Through Project Nourish, Foursquare Disaster Relief has touched countless lives, feeding people regularly. Every week, people have been giving their lives to Christ since Foursquare churches in northern Uganda started assisting the refugees. There’s much to celebrate, but still much to be done to save lives.



Welcoming Refugees Worldwide

By Ally Siwajian

Discover how The Foursquare Church is on the frontlines of refugee care around the world, from the Middle East to Europe and even the United States. Learn how you can get involved with the Foursquare Refugee Care Network.


Disaster Relief

Expectant Refugee Mothers Get Help From Foursquare Missionaries

By Andy Butcher

As a part of Foursquare Disaster Relief’s Project Sanctuary, which helps refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East, Foursquare Missions International Missionaries Chris and Laura Dakas are caring for expectant refugee mothers in refugee camps in Greece.



Practical Ways Your Church Can Help Refugees

By Bethany Seremet

Concerned about refugees but not sure how to help? Bethany Seremet, who has served as a volunteer coordinator for a refugee resettlement program, offers tons of practical advice, ideas and helpful resources that will prepare you and your church to make a difference.


We Are Foursquare

Kids Start Lemon+Aide Stand to Help Refugees

By Rachel Chimits

Two Foursquare kids are serving up lemonade in their neighborhood so they can help refugees on the other side of the globe. Proceeds from their Lemon+Aide Stand go to Foursquare Disaster Relief to actively care for refugees’ physical and spiritual needs.



Former Refugee Now Foursquare Pastor in U.S.

By Habil Biswa

Habil Biswa knows what it’s like to be a refugee—he lived as one for 17 years. His story helps us understand the plight refugees face but also offers hope. Today, Habil is a Foursquare pastor in Denver, and he has a passion to reach the next generation for Christ.



The Church and the Refugee

By Jonathan Griffiths

See how one Foursquare church in Germany is embracing the refugee population as an unprecedented opportunity to share the love of Christ and the gospel. Christ For All Foursquare Church in Bielefeld is fulfilling their responsibility to serve and disciple the world on their doorstep.


Central Office Updates

Project Sanctuary Will Help Middle East Refugees

By Glenn Burris Jr.

As the refugee crisis in the Middle East worsens, The Foursquare Church has an unprecedented opportunity to support our brothers and sisters as they care firsthand for those who are fleeing the conflict. Through Project Sanctuary, Foursquare churches will take action as a force for hope for Middle East refugees.

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