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Your Questions

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

By Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D.

When we look at some of the terrible things going on in the world around us, it’s easy to become distressed—and even question God. But is He really to blame? Foursquare Pastor Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D., offers a thoughtful biblical answer to the question of why evil happens.



Those Dreaded Holidays

By Louie D. Locke

Louie D. Locke, co-pastor with his wife, Joni, of Hillside, a Foursquare church in Reno, Nevada, speaks candidly about how he used to totally dread the Thanksgiving holiday. To him, it was more overwhelming than heartwarming. But then a young woman named Julia, a guest from Germany, entered his family’s home, and everything changed.


Your Questions

Broke and Scared: Is God Ever Going to Show Up for Me?

By Greg Dueker

What do you do when it seems like God hasn’t been paying attention to what you’re going through? One faithful believer asks that question, following an intensely difficult year where the economy personally tanked his income. So far, God hasn’t come through for him, or so it seems. Where is He? Greg Dueker, an ordained Foursquare minister, addresses this tough issue with grace and practicality.


We Are Foursquare

From Motorcycle Warlord to Godly Mentor: Al Aceves

By Alfonso Aceves

Once a sergeant-at-arms with the Mongols motorcycle club, Big Al Aceves had become famous for all the wrong reasons. He was known among bikers as a warlord, a hit man who would take any job for the right price to pay for his mounting heroin habit. But then Big Al met someone way bigger than himself: Jesus Christ.



The One Thing That’s Needed

By Tristan Fenholt

Serving the Lord is a good thing. But if we’re not careful, in our service we can become distracted from what matters most, ending up stressed out and burned out. Youth Pastor Tristan Fenholt shares a familiar story from the book of Luke that’s a good reminder to all of us, regardless of how long we’ve been in the ministry.



When Panic Attacks

By Basil Osuji

Turbulence, fear, tension and uncertainty seem to be part of our everyday life in today’s world. How can we best handle when panic hits and doubt sets in? Foursquare Pastor Basil Osuji recalls the comforting scriptures that remind us that God is always in control.



When the Wicked Fall

By Tim Clark

When Osama bin Laden was found and killed on May 1, it raised a quandary among some believers. What should our attitude be when something like this happens? Foursquare Pastor Tim Clark offers a balanced and biblical response.



Identity Crisis: One Pastor’s Story

By Keith Meyer

Keith Meyer was preaching about living the Christian life and getting to heaven, but inside he was living a kind of hell on Earth. Ministry was killing him. From his new book, “Whole Life Transformation,” he shares how he faced the issues that were causing personal destruction, and how he got his life back.



Tips to Ministry Survival

By Charles Stone

From his new book, “Five Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them,” Charles Stone gives encouragement to leaders as they face the unique challenges of pastoring. Ministry can be tough—but if you hang in there and honor Christ in all you do, the author contends, it’ll all be worth it.



Ministry Burnout (Part 3): An Ounce of Prevention

By Bill Shepson

In Part 3 of a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, several leaders discuss how to prevent pastoral burnout from happening. It takes courage, initiative and honesty, but burnout can be successfully avoided. After all, prevention is always better than intervention that may come too late.

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