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Foursquare Leaders Share Advice on Loving Well

By Allyson Siwajian

We asked Foursquare leaders around the world to share their tips, ideas and best advice on how to live well. In this segment of our “Live Well” series, these leaders describe how showing love is their way to live well for God, for others, and for themselves personally, too.



Lessons Learned by Living Abroad

By Andy Butcher

Christians in the United States can learn a lot from people in other nations, as these members of the Foursquare family discovered by living overseas. Here are a few of the key lessons they came away with—lessons that have impacted how they view life and ministry.



Foursquare Leaders Say We Must Strive to ‘Be Present’

By Allyson Siwajian

When Jesus interacted with someone, He listened and engaged. Like Him, we too must learn to “be present” in every encounter to best minister to others. In this segment of our “Live Well” series, Foursquare leaders discuss the importance of living in the moment.



Foursquare Leaders Share Secrets to Being Content

By Allyson Siwajian

We asked Foursquare leaders around the world to share their tips, ideas and best advice on how to live well. In this segment of our “Live Well” series, leaders share the keys they have discovered to finding contentment in any situation.


Your Questions

When Bosses Are Bad

By Dennis Easter

One reader asks: “I know the Bible teaches we are to respect those in authority over us, but my boss is one of the most difficult people I have ever met. She is dictatorial and sometimes even verbally abusive. The stress is filtering into my home life. Where do I draw the line between being submissive and confronting what I see as unacceptable behavior?”


Foursquare News

Introducing the 2013 Foursquare ‘Life Journal’ Project

By The Foursquare Church

Join the entire Foursquare family as we embark on a meaningful collective journey through the entire Bible in 2013, using the Foursquare Life Journal as a travel guide. Designed to enhance both individual and shared experiences in God’s Word, the journal is available both in online and print versions, and may easily be used for small groups or an entire congregation.



Three Relationships Every Pastor Needs

By Bill Gross

Too many pastors suffer from loneliness in ministry. After a while, that loneliness exacts a heavy toll. But what’s the cure? It lies in fostering three types of connections: friends, mentors and rabbis. Here’s some practical advice on finding relationships that will make you, and your ministry, healthy.


We Are Foursquare

The Road to Freedom: Dan and Leigh Allen

By Leigh Allen

Dan Allen, a member with his wife, Leigh, of Chapel of Praise in Peru, Ind., was once a functioning alcoholic. The years of heavy drinking took their toll, propelling Dan toward what seemed a certain death in 2011. But God healed him, and now he and Leigh have a powerful message to share with others: God can heal you and set you free.



Why Don’t I Feel Capable of Reaching the Lost?

By Richard Casteel

We all know Christ’s command to share the gospel, and recognize our responsibility to do so. Even so, many of us feel intimidated by the prospect. Foursquare Pastor Richard Casteel shares a story from his own life that is sure to bring encouragement to anyone who has ever felt like they don’t have what it takes to reach people for Christ.


God Restores the Broken: Cricket and Andy Witt

By Cricket Witt

Cricket Witt and her husband, Andy, are members of Grace Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Absarokee, Mont. Their story is one of restoration—how God can heal the brokenhearted from the wounds of the past. They say God ministered to them through believers who demonstrated their faith by how they lived—with integrity, a love for Christ and an unconditional love for people.

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