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How Foursquare Is Training Leaders Worldwide to Train Other Leaders

By Susan Olp

Foursquare’s Discipleship and Leadership Training program pairs instruction with practical application to increase the effectiveness of ministry in local churches worldwide. The new resource that accompanies the program has been translated in 15 languages.


Foursquare News

New FoursquareLink Connects Pastors, Business Leaders and Job Hunters

By Rod Light

The intuitive new FoursquareLink connects Foursquare pastors with qualified job candidates online. Lisa Penberthy, NCO leadership education and training coordinator, believes FoursquareLink will be a central place for NCO and districts to “track our pipeline of available leadership” while offering local churches access to qualified candidates.



How Much Is Enough?

By Ron Flores

When it comes to church size, most of us are either moved by guilt or moved by pride. But when we hear from God and
 see how He has gifted us, our motivation becomes obedience covered with gratitude, says Pastor Ron Flores.


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Connection 2017 Tackles Issues Faced by Pastors in Today’s World

By Ally Siwajian

Through its many special features, Foursquare Connection 2017, being held May 29–June 1 in Washington, D.C., will focus on celebrating unity with diversity, training ministry leaders to engage today’s cultural landscape, and praying for our nation and our world.



Empowering Leadership: Global Distinctives

By Mike Kai

Mike Kai reveals what it takes to create an environment of empowering leadership, in Part 3 of our Global Distinctives feature series. The Global Distinctives, agreed on by nearly 240 leaders at the 2012 Global Summit, are six unifying principles that bind our whole Foursquare family in doctrine and culture.


We Are Foursquare

Why I Want to Bring My Church Under Foursquare

By Rachel Chimits

Bruce Grecco, a Foursquare-ordained minister of a nondenominational church in San Diego, Calif., shares why he connected his congregation with the Foursquare family, and why he wants to stay connected.



Bi-Vocational Ministry As a Strategy

By Jonathan Griffiths

Alpha Hayward thought his path was in full-time vocational ministry, but the Holy Spirit had other plans. As a bi-vocational pastor, Alpha runs an auto detailing business that provides money as well as flexibility to serve his Portland, Ore., community.



Step Out in Faith and Let God Heal

By Chip Crosby

We preach the healing power of God from our pulpits. But do we practice it? It’s time that we, as pastors, take a step of faith and let God use us to administer His healing touch—and show our church members how they can do it, too. From his own experience, Pastor Chip Crosby offers a faith-inspiring testimony of what happens when we take God as His word.



Jon Spellman: Released Leadership to His Wife

By Jon Spellman

When God told Jon Spellman that he needed to hand off his role as senior pastor to his wife, Tina, the couple embarked on a new journey releasing both of them into maximum ministry fruitfulness. “As men,” Jon says, “we have to vocally and publicly endorse and affirm women at every level of leadership when we recognize the call in their lives.”



Calling Foursquare to Prayer

By Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford earnestly calls Foursquare pastors, leaders and church members to a lifestyle of prayer in the face of our nation’s social and moral decay. Prayer, he asserts, “is an ever-contemporary pattern of biblical spirituality, and nothing—not even the finest programming, productions or tactical strategies—can substitute for it.”

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