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Why Not a Miracle?

By Lisa Penberthy

When facing critical and uncontrollable situations regarding her son’s health, Foursquare Credentialed Minister Lisa Penberthy was inspired by the “remarkable secrets” of God promised in Jeremiah 33:3 as she prayed for a miracle.



My Favorite Title: Papa

By Joey Lyons

Being a father is one of God’s greatest blessings, shares Assisting Minister Joey Lyons. But the word “father” goes beyond the relationship between a “papa” and his biological children; many serve as spiritual fathers or father figures. This Father’s Day, let’s look at those whom we can each father—or mother—those people God has placed in our lives.



Family Environmentalism

By Chuck Shoemake

Every day, in magazines, in newspapers and on TV, we hear about issues involving our natural environment. But what about the environment in our homes? Chuck Shoemake, director of CARE/Center for Spiritual Renewal East (CSR-E), shares three essential conditions required for raising a healthy family.


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How Do I Monitor My Teen’s Online Life?

By Kelly Fellows

Finding out your teen has posted inappropriate comments or photos online is every parent’s nightmare. How do you monitor technology use without betraying your child’s trust? Kelly Fellows, an ordained Foursquare minister who formerly served as national NextGen representative, gives timely advice to panicked parents.


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Basketball Is More Than a Game: Dylan Haynes

By Dylan Haynes

Recent high school graduate Dylan Haynes started a father/son basketball outreach with his dad when he was still in high school. The idea was simple: Every Tuesday night, he and other members from New Life Community Church in Manchester, N.H., would play basketball for a couple of hours with people from the community and develop relationships. The impact has been profound.


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Hope Despite Broken Dreams: Kristen Richburg

By Kristen Richburg

When Kristen Richburg adopted a little girl from Thailand, it seemed to be a dream come true. Soon after, however, the dream turned into a nightmare. Kristen was forced to relinquish her adopted daughter and was thrust into a pit of guilt and grief. Here she candidly shares her story of healing in the face of overwhelming loss.



The Power of One: Mary Bennett

By The Foursquare Church

After graduating from Bible college, Mary Bennett quit her executive job and returned to her poverty-stricken birthplace to minister to children no one else would love. She has spent her life caring for these children as Jesus would. She says God has always provided everything she and the children have needed, just as He promised her 20 years before.


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How Can I Safeguard My Teen’s Music Choices?

By Shane Rogers

Music is an important part of teen life. But how can parents safeguard their teens from inappropriate music while respecting privacy and musical tastes? Shane Rogers, pastor of student ministries at The Church of Living Water in Olympia, Wash., provides helpful guidelines for concerned parents.


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To Game or not to Game?

By Marion Ingegneri

Foursquare Pastor Marion Ingegneri addresses a mom’s concerns about her children’s video games. She bought the system so the family would have more time together, but the opposite is happening, and she’s worried about some of the games her kids are playing alone. Should she just nix the system?


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All I Want for Christmas Is My Sanity

By John Fehlen

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. Here are some great tips that will help you prevent getting bogged down in holiday craziness so that you can enjoy what the season is really all about.

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