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Papua New Guinea: South Pacific’s Missions Hub

By Rachel Chimits

National leaders in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are rising up and taking the lead as pastors and missionaries. PNG is a Stage 4 nation, no longer dependent on outside support; they are self-governing and sending missionaries out into the South Pacific.



Reaching the Next Generation in Papua New Guinea

By Rachel Chimits

Foursquare has a long history in Papua New Guinea, with over 20,000 churches and meeting places. As leaders look to the future, they see an urgent need to reach youth, who make up half the country’s population. Rampant poverty and the spread of HIV are also pressing problems.



It Takes a Family to Change a Nation

By Andy Butcher

Three generations of the Greer family invested their hearts and lives in reaching the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG), which today has approximately 1,500 Foursquare churches and meeting places. Frank and Kathleen Greer served in PNG for 10 years; their son and daughter-in-law served for five; and years before, Kathleen’s parents, Lloyd and Claire Post, served as national leaders.



What I Learned From Women in Papua New Guinea

By Sue Spousta

When Sue Spousta, an ordained Foursquare minister who serves in the North Pacific District, joined a Foursquare women’s conference in PNG, she had no idea it would be so life-changing. In a country rife with poverty and turmoil, these women face many challenges, daily—and they are doing so with great faith in a great God.



Practitioners of His Saving Grace

By Glenn Burris Jr.

As Jesus prepared to leave the work to His followers, He charged them to embrace a lifestyle that would separate them from the world, identify them as His followers and advance His kingdom.



Breakthrough Thinking

By Bob Hunt

Nobody moved. The two groups of leaders, one in Papua New Guinea and the other in Southern California, 7000 miles apart, were so engaged in sharing with each other, they couldn't take their eyes off the big screen that linked them.