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Central Office Updates

Foursquare Supports Orphans This Christmas

By Jim Scott

Approximately $41,000 was given to the 2013 FMI Children’s Christmas Offering, shares Foursquare Missions International Director Jim Scott, expressing his thankfulness to those who generously gave. This fell short of the goal, however, and donations are still needed for children to receive the care they so desperately need.


Central Office Updates

Giving a Nameless Child His Future

By Jim Scott

Abandoned in the gutters of Cambodia, a hopeless child, around 3 years old and unable to speak, walk or care for himself, found a family and a future in one of our Foursquare children’s homes. By giving to this year’s FMI Children’s Christmas Offering, we can help many more children in need.


Foursquare News

27 Foursquare Orphanages Flooded in Cambodia

By Ken Walker

Flooding in Cambodia has severely affected most of the nation’s 24 provinces and caused unprecedented destruction, including damage to 27 Foursquare orphan homes housing 1,500 children. Foursquare Disaster Relief is appealing to U.S. churches for a minimum of $35,000 in emergency aid relief, with most likely much more being needed.


Central Office Updates

One Orphan’s Transformed Life in the Congo

By Ted Vail

Nzila was an orphan living on the streets in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), forced to join a violent gang to survive. But one day he met a Foursquare pastor who helps abandoned children in the DRC, and his life was dramatically transformed.



Missionary Spotlight: Rhonda Wilkinson

By Bill Shepson

Rhonda Wilkinson is a missionary for Foursquare Missions International in Honduras, the second poorest country in Central America, with a poverty rate of 60 percent. Residing in the town of Tamara, her key focus is ministering to orphans as a “mother to the motherless.”


Foursquare News

Team Helps Rebuild Orphanage in Haiti

By Michael Dalton

A team of 19 people from various congregations traveled to Haiti in September to help rebuild an orphanage that had been destroyed in the devastating January earthquake. Led by Matt and Heidi Messner, senior pastors of Faith Center in Eureka, Calif., the team did construction work, and held a camp for displaced orphans and children in the surrounding community.