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International Updates (Summer 2011)

By The Foursquare Church

Whether it’s responding to the earthquake in New Zealand, the flooding in Colombia, or teaching children in Africa, Foursquare missionaries are making a real difference around the world. Read brief updates from 16 missionaries to see how you can better pray for those serving around the world.


Foursquare News

New Zealand: Ministry in the Rubble

By Amy Swanson

The earthquake that rocked Christchurch, New Zealand, in February caused major devastation and ongoing distress. Many people died, hospitals are filled to capacity, and dysentery is an imminent threat. But amid the misery, Foursquare Missionaries Ron and Debra Brown, and Foursquare churches from other parts of New Zealand, are reaching out to hurting residents to offer help and hope.



Missionary Spotlight: Ron and Debra Brown

By Bill Shepson

In New Zealand, a country that proudly declares itself to be the most secular nation in the world, Foursquare Missionaries Ron and Debra Brown have witnessed the birth of vital churches and envision a future revival. Foursquare has 12 churches throughout New Zealand, and they are in the beginning stages of launching the Foursquare Bible Institute School of Ministry.