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Grace in the Gateway

By Jonathan Griffiths

Grace Community (Montrose Foursquare Church) in Montrose, Colo., is sharing Jesus with people in their community and beyond, through campus planting and non-traditional platforms. District partnership and the leadership of Pastor Karl Leuthauser have enabled them to turn financial loss into kingdom gain.



10 Tips for Successful Ethnic and Immigrant Ministry

By Ted Vail

Ministry to the diverse people groups in the U.S. doesn’t just happen. We have to be intentional about it. Our local Foursquare churches have unprecedented opportunities to impact the world with the gospel, right from our very doorsteps. Here are 10 tips for successfully ministering among the ethnic and immigrant groups in your own neighborhood.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Churches to Join Three Key Prayer Efforts

By Ken Walker

Three important interdenominational prayer events are taking place in September and October. The Cry Out America 9/11 Prayer Initiative focuses on spiritual revival; the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem encourages support for Israel; and the Global Day to Pray for the Unreached People Groups of the World emphasizes evangelism.



Three Relationships Every Pastor Needs

By Bill Gross

Too many pastors suffer from loneliness in ministry. After a while, that loneliness exacts a heavy toll. But what’s the cure? It lies in fostering three types of connections: friends, mentors and rabbis. Here’s some practical advice on finding relationships that will make you, and your ministry, healthy.



United to Serve: The Global Foursquare Church

By David Wheeler

In July, a short-term missions team from Mexico traveled to the U.S. to help a new church plant minister to its city outside Savannah, Ga. This example, notes FMI GO Teams Coordinator David Wheeler, shows us the impact of serving together across international boundaries to reach the world for Christ.



Are We Growing Insignificant? (Part 2: Taking Time)

By Jimmy Stewart

“Global neighborhood” is the new term being used for our changing communities, which are now more culturally diverse than ever. But do our churches reflect these changes? Are we willing to take time to build relationships with the people next door? Here’s how Foursquare churches are doing just that. Part 2 of an exclusive two-part series



Are We Growing Insignificant? (Part 1: At the Table)

By Jimmy Stewart

While we’re huddled in our churches—where we all look alike, sound alike, act alike and think alike—the cities around us are changing, and fast. Are we engaging our evolving communities, or have we become disconnected from them? Do we even know our neighbors? We examine the issue and take a look at some Foursquare churches that are doing what they can to reach outside their circles and touch people where they live.


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Accelerate: Welcome

By Ashley Wolpert Miller

In Part 3 of the “Accelerate: Story” video series, men of different ethnicities—with different titles and roles in The Foursquare Church—affirm that we must actively welcome one another and create space for cultural differences and people of all ethnic backgrounds. “Accelerate: Welcome” challenges leaders and draws us back to the center of the Great Commission.


Foursquare News

Accelerate: Giving

By Ashley Wolpert Miller

The generosity of Pastor David Edler and the members of Yakima Foursquare Church in Washington is highlighted in Part 1 of the new “Accelerate: Story” video series. With room in their building to spare, the church made the decision to open up their facilities. Through this generous act, God created a home for a local church in need.


Central Office Updates

Leaders to Gather for 2012 Global Summit

By Glenn C. Burris Jr.

Local Foursquare leaders from across the U.S. will join national leaders and global influencers from around the world for the 2012 Global Summit in Phoenix, June 1–3. The goals are to establish a global eldering community; build together a global strategy; refine and strengthen our global infrastructure; and help resource every nation to evangelize, disciple, multiply and send.

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