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Yaseer Handall: Called to Native Americans

By Yaseer Handall

Yaseer Handall had a thriving ministry to the Hispanic community—and then God called him to leave that, step out in faith, and minister to Native Americans. He and his wife, Monique, have been able to work with tribes in Arizona, Montana, New Mexico and North Dakota.


Leadership Profiles

Discipling a Nation: Ken Pretty-On-Top

By Ally Siwajian

Foursquare Pastor Ken Pretty-On-Top isn’t just the leader of a congregation. He’s pastoring the Crow Nation and discipling leaders across the Northwest and beyond. Ken also serves as one of Foursquare’s lead Native elders, and is chairman of the denomination’s Native American Council.


Foursquare News

Foursquare Ministry Among Soboba Indians Sees Changed Lives

By Andy Butcher

Foursquare leaders building relationships with people on the Soboba Indian Reservation are seeing doors of ministry open, and a grant from Foursquare Disaster Relief has offered needed aid after recent flooding. Yaseer and Monique Handall have a dream to raise up youth ministry leaders on Indian reservations across the country.


Central Office Updates

Recent Realignments

By Tammy Dunahoo

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo talks about the thoughtful process of realignment that the National Church Office has worked through during the past two years, and outlines several key changes that have been made in Foursquare’s NextGen, ForeRunners and Hispanic ministries.


The Power of One Harvest: Ken Pretty-On-Top

By The Foursquare Church

Pastor Ken Pretty-On-Top of Spirit of Life Light House for Nations, a Foursquare church in Montana, is grateful for the Christians who planted seeds generations ago that have resulted in the harvest his church enjoys today. Believing God has promised greater things to come, he and his church continue to plant spiritual seeds so that others will find Christ, too.



God’s Power in the Powwow

By Bill Gowey

Bill Gowey, a Foursquare credentialed minister and missionary based in Flagstaff, Ariz., is seeing a powerful move of the Holy Spirit among Native people groups in the U.S. and Mexico. His ministry, Reztoration, works to bring Native peoples to Christ, as well as reconciliation between America’s indigenous people and the church.



Whatever It Takes: Caring for Native Americans and Mormons (Part 3)

By Bill Shepson

In this four-part series, we take a close look at some unique Foursquare ministries across the country. Here in Part 3, we read about Foursquare pastors showing love and compassion to Native Americans in California, and to Mormons in Utah.