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Lessons Learned by Living Abroad

By Andy Butcher

Christians in the United States can learn a lot from people in other nations, as these members of the Foursquare family discovered by living overseas. Here are a few of the key lessons they came away with—lessons that have impacted how they view life and ministry.



Grow Up!

By Eric Mejia

As God takes us through different seasons in life, could He be telling us we need to just “grow up”? Senior Pastor Eric Mejia shares wisdom he’s gained along the way to tell where God might be propelling us into the next season of life.



Reaching the World’s Unreached People Groups (Part 1): Alaska

By Andy Butcher

Church planting in Alaska requires a different approach than in the lower 48 states, due to cultural divides and the need to repair damage done by missionary groups in the past. But Rod and Teresa Koop, the first Foursquare missionaries appointed to a location inside the U.S., are building relational bridges and successfully planting new churches.



Blessed Are the Peacemakers

By Adriana Barahona

Assisting Minister Adriana Barahona reminds us the importance of being peacemakers in the family of God. Though situations may be complicated, we are sometimes called, as Joab was in 2 Samuel, to blow the trumpet of peace.


Foursquare News

Former Foursquare Missionary John Gnanaolivu With the Lord

By The Foursquare Church

God used John Gnanaolivu, a Foursquare missionary to India, to expand His kingdom and reach many people with the gospel during his faithful ministry service.



Meet Three of Foursquare’s Big Thinkers

By Jimmy Stewart

Foursquare educators and thinkers are being used by God in distinctly different ways to guide and inspire students at multiple levels of learning. In doing so, they are carrying forward a commitment to the biblical standards of higher education that has always been part of the Foursquare mission.



Bi-Vocational Leaders You Should Know

By Andy Butcher

In this installment of our “People You Should Know” series, we meet eight bi-vocational pastors in Foursquare who balance demanding jobs and ministry assignments with creativity and grace. Their stories are inspiring and illustrate how to interact with people in our communities in a positive way, extending the gospel to those who would not necessarily think of walking into a church building.


Foursquare News

It’s an Exciting New Season for Foursquare Hispanic Ministries

By Ashley Miller

Target Two of Foursquare’s Five Target plan is growing healthy, multiplying churches. The Foursquare Church is making moves to do just that in the recent appointment of Daniel Prieto to the role of national Hispanic missional coach. An ordained Foursquare minister, Daniel will be leading the charge in resourcing and equipping Hispanic Foursquare churches in the U.S.



Terms of Endearment

By Teri Orewiler

Ever notice how we sometimes get bent out of shape when people need us during our time off? Foursquare Pastor Teri Orewiler tells how she realized her own attitude was less than God-honoring during time away, and says that we only get one chance to endear ourselves to people during a crisis.



Cultures and Generations Unite in Hawaii

By Ally Siwajian

On this inspiring video, Foursquare pastors in Hawaii share how they collaborate to cultivate cross-cultural communities, develop their congregations and involve the next generation in ministry leadership. Hear stories from Hawaii’s pastors as they actively learn from one another, build healthy foundations and pass the baton well to future leaders.

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