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Leadership Profiles

The Biker Pastor: Dennis Enriquez

By Andy Butcher

Jesus said His followers should go to the highways and the byways to reach the lost, and that’s exactly what Foursquare Pastor Dennis Enriquez is doing. His new church, The Edge Biker Church in Rosamond, Calif., is reaching the biker community in California’s Antelope Valley.


We Are Foursquare

From Motorcycle Warlord to Godly Mentor: Al Aceves

By Alfonso Aceves

Once a sergeant-at-arms with the Mongols motorcycle club, Big Al Aceves had become famous for all the wrong reasons. He was known among bikers as a warlord, a hit man who would take any job for the right price to pay for his mounting heroin habit. But then Big Al met someone way bigger than himself: Jesus Christ.



Ministry on Wheels: Reaching Out to Bikers

By Tom Provenzano

Tom Provenzano, a Foursquare assisting minister and specialized chaplain, is founder and director of Messiah’s Messengers Motorcycle Ministry. Bikers have a lot of the same needs we do, he asserts, such as acceptance, love, mercy, compassion and genuine care. A Christian motorcyclist since the 1970s, he shares some tips for conducting an effective outreach ministry to the biker crowd.



Whatever It Takes: Hip-Hop and Biker Cultures (Part 4)

By Bill Shepson

In this new four-part series, we take a close look at some unique Foursquare ministries across the country. Here in Part 4, we join The Street Hip Hop Church in Elizabeth, N.J., and Life Bridge, a church that caters to bikers in Fort Wayne, Ind.


Leadership Profiles

Messiah’s Messengers: Tom and Kathy Provenzano

By The Foursquare Church

A motorcycle aficionado since youth, Tom Provenzano is founder of Messiah's Messengers Motorcycle Ministry, an outreach of the Foursquare church in Ft. Myers, Fla.