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Isabel Pleites: Healed in Response to Prayer

By Isabel Pleites

When she was a small child, Isabel Pleites developed a painful skin disease that worsened over time, and she had lost all hope. But when she gave her heart to Christ and asked Him to heal her, everything changed. Today, she and her husband are planting a Foursquare church in Southern California, and she encourages others to believe in God’s healing power.


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Called Out of Egypt: Ekram Dawod

By Ekram Dawod

Ekram Dawod grew up in Egypt as a nominal member of the Coptic Orthodox Church. But a vision from God changed the course of his life and eventually brought him into Foursquare ministry. He now serves as an assistant pastor at an Arabic Foursquare church in the Los Angeles area, and shares the gospel on an Arabic TV show.


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How God Changed the Course of My Life

By Sam Meza

At 19, Sam Meza had just joined the Navy and was living it up in San Diego’s dance clubs. But there was a miracle in the works that would soon alter the course his young life, and he would encounter the power of God. Years later, Sam still serves as a Foursquare credentialed minister and evangelist in Southern California.


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Leg Braces Discarded As Little Boy Is Healed

By Aimee Semple McPherson

In an article she wrote early in 1923, the year Angelus Temple in Los Angeles opened, Aimee Semple McPherson shared the miraculous story of a young boy who was instantaneously healed. He entered the church with leg braces—and walked out wearing new shoes.


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Memories of Music and Ministry at Angelus Temple

By Ann Ford

Ann Ford was trained to play the pipe organ at Angelus Temple, and she became a regular player, even during weekly radio programs that were broadcast live. She shares her memories of Foursquare’s founder, Aimee Semple McPherson, and the powerful things she witnessed at the famous church. Ann would later go on to play the organ at several churches and hospitals in the Los Angeles area for many years.



Why Not a Miracle?

By Lisa Penberthy

When facing critical and uncontrollable situations regarding her son’s health, Foursquare Credentialed Minister Lisa Penberthy was inspired by the “remarkable secrets” of God promised in Jeremiah 33:3 as she prayed for a miracle.


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God’s Miraculous Grace: Chanda Crutcher

By Chanda Crutcher

Chanda Crutcher was a busy executive, wife and mother when one unusually hectic day resulted in a potential life-threatening tragedy: In the hot summer day’s frenzied activity, she inadvertently left her baby son in her car. But what could have ended in heartbreak instead became a miracle. Today, Chanda, a Foursquare minister, is a witness to God’s amazing grace and power.


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The Powerful Legacy of a Miracle

By Coleman Phillips

Doctors told Coleman Phillips’ grandmother she had six months to live. But during a service at Angelus Temple, Aimee Semple McPherson spoke a word of healing, and she lived another 50 years, powerfully impacting the future of her family. Coleman later gave his heart to Christ, and served many years as an ordained Foursquare minister.



Mark 4 - 10: Responding to a Miracle

By Tammy Dunahoo

People in Jesus’ day responded in various ways when He performed miracles. Some couldn’t quite believe, while others knew they would be healed if only they could touch Jesus. General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo says things haven’t changed much since Jesus’ earthly ministry—only today we are the ones who seem to get the variety of reactions when God performs miracles.



Miracle in the South Pacific

By Jerry Stott

Area Missionary Jerry Stott shares the remarkable story of a Foursquare pastor serving in the island nation of Kiribati who prayed for a miracle and saw God answer in a way that astounded the community and opened doors to the gospel to be shared across the island.

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