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Foursquare Legacy

A Five-Generation Foursquare Heritage

By Robert Rufener Sr.

Ordained Foursquare Minister Robert Rufener Sr. recalls a lifetime of Foursquare service that began when his parents rode a streetcar in Los Angeles to attend services at Angelus Temple and hear Aimee Semple McPherson preach. Five generations of the Rufener family, he says, have served the Lord in Foursquare ministry.


Foursquare Legacy

From Shy Girl to Powerful Preacher: Myrtle Eppler

By Myrtle Eppler

When she was a child, Myrtle Eppler was afraid to stand in front of her class at school. But God turned her into a bold preacher who served Him for over 100 years. She shared her inspiring story in this article written after her 100th birthday in 2015, before going to be with the Lord in March 2016.


Foursquare Legacy

Mary Lou Canata: No Regrets

By Mary Lou Canata

At 83, Mary Lou Canata recalls a lifetime of God’s faithfulness through personal challenges, adventurous experiences and celebrated ministry success. Renowned for her ministry of training children’s workers, she believes God has a plan for every person and encourages Foursquare ministers to remember the importance of children to the heart of God.


Foursquare Legacy

My Cross-Country Journey of Faith

By Alice Cauble

It was 1948, and Alice Cauble had just graduated from L.I.F.E. Bible College. Together with another female minister in her graduating class, she answered God’s call to plant a Foursquare church in North Carolina. The cross-country trip was a step of faith that would eventually bear significant spiritual fruit.



Bi-Vocational Ministry As a Strategy

By Jonathan Griffiths

Alpha Hayward thought his path was in full-time vocational ministry, but the Holy Spirit had other plans. As a bi-vocational pastor, Alpha runs an auto detailing business that provides money as well as flexibility to serve his Portland, Ore., community.


Foursquare Legacy

Called to Gospel Music and Ministry at Angelus Temple

By James Boulware

Among the last groups of students ordained for ministry by Aimee Semple McPherson, musician and minister James Boulware recalls his training in college and the values instilled in him by Foursquare’s founder as well as his musical mentor, Jimmy Boersma.



Step Out in Faith and Let God Heal

By Chip Crosby

We preach the healing power of God from our pulpits. But do we practice it? It’s time that we, as pastors, take a step of faith and let God use us to administer His healing touch—and show our church members how they can do it, too. From his own experience, Pastor Chip Crosby offers a faith-inspiring testimony of what happens when we take God as His word.



Calling Foursquare to Prayer

By Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford earnestly calls Foursquare pastors, leaders and church members to a lifestyle of prayer in the face of our nation’s social and moral decay. Prayer, he asserts, “is an ever-contemporary pattern of biblical spirituality, and nothing—not even the finest programming, productions or tactical strategies—can substitute for it.”



It’s About His Power, Not Our Control

By A.J. Swoboda, Ph.D.

When God uses us, as pastors, to minister to someone, we can sometimes feel entitled to that person’s service in our church. God gives us the spiritual power we need in ministry—but that power doesn’t give us the right to control people. Like the apostles in Acts 2, we need to be able to release people to serve where God is calling them, even if that takes them away from us.



A Rested Leader Makes a Great Sent Leader

By James Ranger III

The secret to being an effective leader sent by God doesn’t lie in doing more and trying harder, but in finding rest and strength in God’s presence, says James Ranger III, senior pastor of New Life Church (Bakersfield Southwest Foursquare Church) in Bakersfield, Calif. From the Scripture, James gives us solid tips for how to be refreshed in the Lord.

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