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Building a Bridge to the Jewish Community (Part 2): Practical Advice

By Andy Butcher

In Part 2 of our exclusive series, Foursquare leaders who are effectively building bridges with the Jewish community and sharing the love of Christ give practical insight on what we can do to reach this people group. It takes understanding Jewish people’s beliefs and point of view, they say, and sensitivity in our approach to them.



Building a Bridge to the Jewish Community (Part 1): The Sensitivities

By Andy Butcher

How can the church break down historical prejudices and build bridges to the Jewish community while effectively communicating the gospel message? It takes understanding Jewish people’s beliefs and point of view, and sensitivity in our approach to them. In this exclusive two-part series, we take a look at Foursquare churches that are doing just that, very effectively.



Who Are Muslims (Part 2): The Power of Love

By Ken Walker

As one former Muslim turned Foursquare pastor explains, sharing the gospel with Muslims requires demonstrating love in word and deed, understanding cultural differences, and taking time to form authentic relationships. Part 2 of our exclusive two-part feature series



Who Are Muslims (Part 1): Dispelling the Fear

By Ken Walker

The Muslim population in the U.S. is growing, which worries some in our post-9/11 world. But Foursquare leaders say many of our fears are unfounded, and that we have a great opportunity for evangelism. In part one of this two-part series, we look at the facts and talk with Foursquare pastors who regularly minister to Muslims.


Central Office Updates

The Israel Impact Tour to Offer Immersive Discipleship

By Tammy Dunahoo

This summer, young adults and leaders will travel to Israel for a life-changing immersive discipleship experience called The Israel Impact, led by Foursquare pastors. Applications for this unique Israel tour are now being accepted. The trip is set for June 18–July 3, 2012, for young adults ages 18-29 and leaders who want to partner with the vision.


Foursquare News

Christians Worldwide to Pray for Jerusalem

By The Foursquare Church

The Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is October 2, and 300 million believers in 175 nations are expected to come together in united prayer for this troubled, but strategic, city. Pastor Jack Hayford and Eagles’ Wings founder Robert Stearns invite the Foursquare family to join the prayer efforts for this important city and its people.



Miracle Stories: Physical Healing and Angelic Intervention (Part 2)

By Dr. Paul Risser

In part two of a three-part series adapted from his new book, “An Eye for Miracles,” published by Foursquare Media, Paul Risser shares the story of Peter Hosein, whose unique salvation and spiritual experiences illustrate the unlimited power of God to change lives.