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Healing From Porn Addiction

By Andy Butcher

James Craft’s porn addiction almost killed his marriage and ministry. But now he and his wife, Teri, help other couples find the healing that they experienced after choosing to face their difficulties head-on. They encourage other leaders who are struggling to come out of the shadows and find wholeness in the light.


God Restores the Broken: Cricket and Andy Witt

By Cricket Witt

Cricket Witt and her husband, Andy, are members of Grace Fellowship, a Foursquare church in Absarokee, Mont. Their story is one of restoration—how God can heal the brokenhearted from the wounds of the past. They say God ministered to them through believers who demonstrated their faith by how they lived—with integrity, a love for Christ and an unconditional love for people.



Ministry Burnout (Part 3): An Ounce of Prevention

By Bill Shepson

In Part 3 of a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, several leaders discuss how to prevent pastoral burnout from happening. It takes courage, initiative and honesty, but burnout can be successfully avoided. After all, prevention is always better than intervention that may come too late.



Ministry Burnout (Part 2): The Signs and the Cure

By Bill Shepson

In Part 2 of a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, we examine the signs of pastoral burnout, as well as practical “first steps” one can take to climb out of the quagmire. We also cover how Foursquare’s Center for Spiritual Renewal can help.



Ministry Burnout (Part 1): Examining the Threat

By Bill Shepson

In a new three-part series exclusive to Foursquare, we take a close look at the growing problem of pastoral burnout. Dissecting the statistics and exploring the topic with leaders in our denomination, we’ll examine its signs, how to heal from it, and how to prevent it in the first place.


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God's Diagnosis

By Becky Trautman

Tom Trautman, a member of Grace, a Foursquare Church in Camas, Wash., was diagnosed with H1N1 and almost died. But God had other plans, as we discover in this incredible story of healing and restoration.


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God Heard My Cry: Chris Stringfellow

By Chris Stringfellow

Chris Stringfellow was addicted to drugs and alcohol and losing everything—and then he found God.


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A New Beginning: Kim and Amos Post

By Kim Post

Kim and Amos were first friends who discovered, through their Foursquare church family, that love meant marriage.


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A Place to Call Home: Steve and Jade Staley

By Steve and Jade Staley

Steve and Jade Staley say they have grown tremendously since joining Life Bridge in Fort Wayne, Ind., and they hope to impact others just as they have been impacted.


Your Questions

Will I Become a Mid-Life Statistic?

By Dennis W. Easter

Cheating and affairs are often a temptation that married couples face during their relationship. One reader asks how this can be avoided and Dennis W. Easter provides some practical advice to resist the temptation.

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