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Leadership Formation Through Followership

By Juan M. Vallejo

Being a leader who helps raise up other leaders begins with following Jesus Christ’s example of humble and sacrificial service, shares District Supervisor Juan M. Vallejo in this article highlighting Foursquare’s missional objective of leadership formation.



Foursquare’s Hispanic Movement Gains Altitude

By Juan Vallejo and Andy Butcher

Once relegated to meeting in basement Sunday school rooms, Hispanic churches are now taking the limelight. One out of eight Foursquare churches considers themselves to be Hispanic, and that number is on the rise, proving it is a new day for Foursquare’s Hispanic movement.


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Juan M. Vallejo Appointed Supervisor of New Hispanic District

By Foursquare

Juan M. Vallejo, a longtime Foursquare pastor and former missionary, has been appointed to serve as district supervisor of the new Distrito Hispano del Suroeste (Southwestern Hispanic District). The new district, the official name of which is still to be chosen, comes into effect Jan. 1, 2015. Juan will be installed in his new role at the Southwest Region Hispanic Conference to be held Oct. 24–25 in Van Nuys, Calif.