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Leaders Discuss Future of Foursquare Worldwide at Global Summit

By Rod Light

The mission of The Foursquare Church around the world was the focus of the Foursquare Global Summit in Phoenix, held June 1–3 following Connection 2012. Foursquare national leaders from 65 countries joined with U.S. leaders and invited guests to identify components of effective worldwide evangelism and church development.



Acts 2: Go Reach the Nations for God

By Jerry Stott

The Day of Pentecost was truly a remarkable and historic occasion, but Foursquare South Pacific Area Missionary Jerry Stott believes that same kind of Holy Spirit visitation happens today. Recently, he saw the Holy Spirit fill a group of 1,000 Indonesian young people. The experience was life-changing, for them and for Jerry.


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Indonesian Woman Receives Miracle Heart Surgery

By Ken Walker

Francesca “Chika” Salindeho, a young woman from Indonesia who works with Compassion First to help victims of sex trafficking, recently received a life-saving surgery—miraculously for free. After being contacted by Mike Mercer, a Foursquare credentialed minister and president of Compassion First, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and one of the most renowned physicians in the U.S. agreed to donate their services.



The Global Dance

By Glenn Burris Jr.

Cross-cultural experiences teach us the value of effective communication and global integration for worldwide evangelism.